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It’s Crisis Time!



1st December 2012

Queen Mary College, University of London

Mile End



Since the financial crisis broke we have seen a rising tide of protest, revolutions and resistance.

One of the driving forces of these movements has been a desire to change the future: to reject the idea that we have no future outside of the logic of never ending austerity, declining living standards and the loss of public services to private profiteers.

Up the Anti is a one day conference to think about and discuss  how we lay claim to the future that we want and deserve. It will host an eclectic mix of sessions, ranging from in-depth seminars and debates to participatory, facilitated discussions and workshops. There are many questions we need to ask, including:

Is there an alternative to capitalism? What might it look like?

How do we win popular support for new radical projects?

What can we learn from the social struggles and new movements in Europe?

And how do we overcome divisions within left and radical movements?

What next after the Occupy protests?


We called the event ‘Up the Anti’ because we all agree that we need to build a bigger movement against social oppression and capitalism.  But we are not just against things; we also want to reclaim the future from those in power who seem intent on dragging us towards austerity, growing social inequality and environmental destruction.

The conference will be held in London at Queen Mary College, University of London, not far from Mile End and Stepney Green underground stations.

But the day is not just all workshops and seminars, we also have time for a gig at Queen Mary Student Union with comedy, music and DJs. Highlights include the up and coming radical comedian Chris Coltrane and the critically acclaimed blues guitarist Sean Taylor.

UP THE ANTI is a genuine movement event put on by a plurality of groups, websites, publishing houses, and networks. It is sponsored by New Left Project, Ceasefire, Occupied Times, Anticapitalist Initiative, Platypus and Globalise Resistance.

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Education Crisis


New Left Project is dedicated to producing high quality comment and analysis on issues of concern to the political left (broadly defined). We are not affiliated to any particular party, tendency or strand of thought. Rather, we seek to contribute towards a lively, inclusive culture of left-wing discussion, appealing both to those who already consider themselves to be of the left, and to any others who have an interest in its ideas and priorities.

Our site contains a mixture of short, timely content on our blog as well as more detailed, in-depth treatment of various subjects through our feature articles, interviews and NLP-hosted debates. We are developing more audio/visual content as the site evolves, as well as branching out into organising live events. In addition to broadening the forms of content we produce, we are always looking to expand the range of topics that NLP covers, from current affairs to theory, philosophy and culture.

We welcome unsolicited contributions, as well as comments on any of our published content. We hope you enjoy the site.

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