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LINKS UPDATE – 29th August 2011

What’s new at Links: Marxism & ecology, Markets and power, new ‘New Deal’? food sovereignty, Libya

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Mauritius: Marxism, ecology and the contribution of John Bellamy Foster

By Lalit de Klas
June 2011 – Lalit [the revolutionary socialist party inMauritius] sees the natural universe, whether it be the air above us, the sea around us or the Earth we walk upon, and all that lives upon it, and even outer space, as being our collective heritage as human beings. We are part of it, and also the guardians of it. This natural universe, our Mother Earth, is now endangered.

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Martin Hart-Landsberg: Market ‘outcomes’ and political power

“Now imagine if we had a state that engaged in transparent planning and was committed to using our significant public resources to reshape our economy in the public interest. … state planning and intervention in economic activity already goes on. Unfortunately, it happens behind closed doors and for the benefit of a small minority. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

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Crises real and artificial, and why a new ‘New Deal’ is not feasible

By Sam Williams
August 21, 2011 — Since World War I, the maximum debt that theU.S. government could carry has been determined by law. Every so often as the maximum debt limit was approached, Congress routinely voted to raise the debt limit. But this year the Republican-controlled House balked. The Republican majority threatened to refuse to raise the debt ceiling unless the Obama administration agreed not to raise taxes on the rich and corporations or even close tax loopholes that have often enabled the rich and corporations to pay no taxes at all.

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Fred Magdoff on ‘What every environmentalist needs to know about capitalism’

Fred Magdoff interviewed by Scott Borchert
August 24, 2011 — Fred Magdoff is co-author, with John Bellamy Foster, of What every environmentalist needs to know about capitalism. Bellamy Foster will be a featured international guest at the second World at a Crossroads: Climate Change – Social Change Conference, Friday, September 30 – Monday, October 3, 2011,MelbourneUniversity.

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La Via Campesina: Food sovereignty now! (video)

August 7, 2011 — La Via Campesina: Food sovereignty now! from La Via Campesina

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Libya: NATO’s ‘conspiracy’ against the revolution; Who are the Libyan rebels?

The following article, reposted from Jadiliyya, was written before the entry of rebels intoTripolion August 20-21, signalling the looming collapse of the Gaddafi regime. It offers valuable analysis of the dynamics between imperialism and the rebel movement and the Libyan masses. It contends that the Western powers, in an attempt to control the uprising, rationed their military support to ensure that significant sections of the Gaddafi state would be retained in any post-Gaddafi regime.

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No Future


British Sociological Association

Work, Employment and Society Conference 2010

Tuesday 7th – Thursday 9th September 2010

Brighton Dome and the University of Brighton

The early booking deadline for the BSA Work, Employment and Society Conference is approaching. Bookings received after 1st August incurs a £50 late fee.

Conference Theme: Managing Uncertainty: A New Deal?

Plenary speakers:

– Eileen Appelbaum (Rutgers, USA)

– Claus Offe (Berlin)

– Jennifer Klein (Yale, USA)

– Chris Tilly (UCLA, USA)

– Michel Lallement (Paris)

– David Lane (Cambridge)

– Pun Ngai (Hong Kong)

– Jill Rubery (Manchester)

– Premilla D’Cruz and Ernesto Noronha (Ahmedabad)

– Enrique de la Garza Toledo (Mexico)

– Analias Torres (Lisbon)

– Endre Sik (Budapest)

– Colette Fagan (Manchester)

For more information and to book online  please visit or email any enquiries to

Book now! We hope to see you at the conference in Brighton in September!

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Capitalist Crisis: An Interview with Andrew Kliman

Anyone interested in the current crisis of capital would find this pamphlet by Andrew Kliman to be most timely and illuminating. Kliman demolishes several myths, over-exaggerations and hypes regarding the current crisis of capital and indicates its real roots. He shows that the ideas of Karl Marx have much greater explanatory power than those of Keynes or mainstream economics for understanding our predicament.

The full details regarding this pamphlet are:

Capitalist Crisis: An Interview with Andrew Kliman, Pamphlet No.4, November 2008, published by The Commune

Price £1 percopy + postage and packing

Available from Housemans Bookshop, Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, London, or order by email:

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Correspondence: The Commune, 2nd Floor, 145-147, St. John Street, London EC1V 4PY

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