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Neolithic Tomb


New discussion series

Yes after a couple of problems, we have speakers lined up for some discussion groups meetings.

We are privileged to have Lionel Sims as our first speaker. He is a very distinguished anthropologist with much of interest to say about nature of humans and their development.

He will talk on the Neolithic counter-revolution and will be in the course of this defending Engels view of family etc…

There is much in this to learn about our present predicament.

We have a new venue, near Aldgate East tube – and quite easy to get to, even if not quite central.

We are now for the purposes of these meetings the ‘Individual and Society Interdisciplinary Study Group’ I had to have an official sounding name.

I look forward to seeing many of you there

William Dixon

Venue Details

7.00 – 9.00
Calcutta House,
Part of London Metropolitan University
Calcutta House
Old Castle St E1 7NT London – UNITED KINGDOM
Thursday 3 November  2011
Room: CM2-38, Old Board Room


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