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Neo-liberal Perversions: Fantasy and Gaze in Contemporary Culture

The College at Brockport (SUNY)
Edwards Hall • 350 New Campus Drive • Brockport, NY 14420

April 28-29, 2012

Speakers: Slavoj Žižek • Joan Copjec • Paul Taylor • Jodi Dean

Sponsored by:
The International Journal of Žižek Studies
The Delta College Program at the College at Brockport (SUNY)
The Brockport Philosophy Club

For more information contact Antonio Garcia at  

The College at Brockport State University of New York

350 New Campus Drive, Brockport, NY 14420



‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)


‘Human Herbs’ – a new remix and new video by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

‘Stagnant’ – a new remix and new video by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:  

‘Cheerful Sin’ – a song by Victor Rikowski:


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