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Forest Voices Choir

Forest Voices Choir


Singing ‘Line-Up’ in Forest Gate

Forest Voices Choir that Ruth Rikowski is a member of sang 3 songs for the turning on of the Christmas lights event. The lights were turned on by Robin Wales, the Mayor of Newham, on 5th December 2015. Two of the songs were Christmas Carols and the other was a lovely song advocating peace throughout the world. It is called ‘Line-Up’ (by Helen Yeomans).
Here are the words for ‘Line-Up’:


Line up, line up

Wo oh

For your place in the peaceable kingdom

Yeh, yeh, yeh.


Line up, line up

Wo oh

For your place in the peacable kingdom

Yeh, yeh, yeh.


Line up, line up

Wo oh

For your place in the peacable kingdom

Yeh, yeh, yeh


Bring your songs of freedom for a brave new world


Let me hear you

Sing, sing now.


Line up!


The rich and the poor

The weak and the strong

The humble and the proud

Won’t you sing out loud

The merciful of heart

The sinner and the saint

The forgiven and the wrong

Find your voice in song

No differentiation between black and white

Let the Arab man stand by the Israelite

There ain’t no creed, there ain’t no colour

But the blood that flow thru your sister and brother.


*Repeat lines up to ‘Line Up’.
Ruth has loaded the video of the Forest Voices Choir singing ‘Line-Up’  on to YouTube.

This is the first item that she has ever loaded anything on to YouTube! Hopefully, more will follow!




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The Lord Rookwood



Dear Forest Roots Folk

On Friday 25th February  we have the Hot Strings Review featuring the versatile and multi-talented Martin Wheatley and Mike Piggott who play between them guitar, fiddle, ukulele, banjo, steel guitar and many more. Martin is a virtuoso ukulele player (check him out on Youtube) and Mike is a renowned fiddle player, see:

The Flats Family Band will be there and don’t forget it’s a ukulele rollover. So if you’re a ukulele fan this is definitely a night not to be missed.

See you in the Forest Gate Hotel function room, 105 Godwin Road, Forest Gate, E7 0LW

BR: Forest Gate

Tube: Wanstead Park

Busses: 86, 25, 330, 58, 325, 308

Starts 8.30pm

Free entry with a whipround

Stay forever young

Jenny and Caroline


Jenny and Caroline sent an email today. There has been a change of venue. Forest Roots will no longer be held at the Forest Gate Hotel.

The next session on the 25th February will now be held at the The Lord Rookwood pub: 314 Cann Hall Road, Leytonstone, London, E11 3NW

The Lord Rookwood:

The Lord Rookwood is well known for its jazz club, see:

General Information about The Lord Rookwood:

But from now on Forest Roots will be added to its repertoire.


‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

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