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ISC No.30 is available at and has got the following review in Library Juice:

“There is a new issue of Information for Social Change, on the theme of information ethics. This issue is edited by Mikael Böök. It’s a very international collection of articles, some of them a little odd and all of them interesting.” (

Current Issue
No. 30, Summer 2010 (all in PDF Format, formatted for A4 paper).
Special Issue on ‘Information Ethics’

* Whole Issue (PDF format, file size to download: approx 2 Mb)
Contents and Editorial

* Contents
* Contributors
* Google: An Ethical Corporate Pirate? (Mikael Böök)
* Regarding the Google Interview (comments by Paul Catherall)

Articles, Part 1

* Introduction to the Ethics and Ecology of Reading (Luca Ferrieri )
* Talking About Information Ethics in Higher Education (Toni Samek)
* Ethical Reflections on the 9/11 Controversy (Elizabeth Woodworth)
* Data Absorptents, Data Emitters and Databases in Politics (Amelia Andersdotter)
* On the Closing of the Scientific Library of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (Marke Hongisto)
* Public Lending Right: General Considerations and Controversial Aspects (Marianna Malfatti)

Articles, Part 2

* Introductory Note (Mikael Böök)
* It Takes A Community to Create A Library (Kenneth Williment)
* The US and the European Social Forum: Strategic Challenges for the WSF (Francine Mestrum)

Book Reviews

* Elizabeth A. Buchanan and Kathrine Henderson: Case Studies in Library and Information Science Ethics (reviewed by Mikael Böök)

Mikael Böök * * gsm +358(0)-44 5511 324 * * *

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