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Volume 2 Number 1 2010, ISSN 1757-7438

Susanna Hannus & Hannu Simola. The Effects of Power Mechanisms in Education: bringing Foucault and Bourdieu together

Gillean McCluskey & Mirriam Lephalala. ‘A person is a person because of others’: challenges to meanings of discipline in South African and UK schools

Michelle Forrest, Miriam Cooley & Linda Wheeldon. Mapping the Movement of Invention: collaboration as rhizome in teaching and research

Jill Jameson. Trust and Leadership in Post-Compulsory Education: some snapshots of displaced dissent

Christiane Thompson. The Power of Authority: challenging educational theory and practice

Cameron McCarthy & Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz. Teaching Difficult History: Eric Williams’ Capitalism and Slavery and the challenge of critical pedagogy in the contemporary classroom

Jennifer Lavia & Pat Sikes. ‘What part of me do I leave out?’: in pursuit of decolonising practice

Anne Pirrie, Kevin Adamson & Walter Humes. Flexing Academic Identities: speaking truth to power


Transnational Perspectives on Culture, Policy, and Education: redirecting cultural studies in neoliberal times (Cameron McCarthy & Cathryn Teasley, Eds), reviewed by Douglas Brown

Journey into Dialogic Pedagogy (Eugene Matusov), reviewed by Alexander M. Sidorkin

Labor of Learning: market and the next generation of educational reform (Alexander M. Sidorkin), reviewed by Eugene Matusov

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