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The Metaphysics of Capital


Andrea Micocci
Moderation and Revolution
Lexington Books
324 pages

Alex Callinicos:
“In this remorseless critique of modern ideologies Andrea Micocci targets what he calls the metaphysics of capitalism informing them. Up-ending our normal assumptions, he argues that it is the true revolutionaries who champion individuality and toleration against the homogeneizing tendencies of capitalism. This is a powerful challenge to the common sense of both the status quo and its conventional critics”.

Mino Vianello:
“This is a daring book that one may like or not like, but represents in the clearest way capitalism’s convoluted nature while explaining with extreme clarity the perverse mechanisms of its resilience. The author brilliantly holds the reader’s attention through a journey in the history of ideas to come to the conclusion that moderation is the bond that keeps us socially and culturally tied, whereas revolution means individual emancipation. “Revolution” is the non-violent quest for individual freedom in a materialistic sense and in Micocci’s view has nothing to do with the bureaucratic and totalitarian organization propaganized at the time of the Soviet Union. This book dispels many misconceptions and popularly held beliefs and is recommended to unprejudiced readers”.

Moderation and Revolution asks how we can resolve conflict from the capitalist worldview. It exposes the intellectual basis of contemporary capitalism as a logically flawed dialectic that prevents both revolutionary options in theory and also, in practice, the evolution of capitalism itself towards the revolutionary outcomes outlined by Smith and Marx. As a consequence, it practices intolerance – disguised as tolerance – towards radical thinking, which explains its propensity to war and the fascistic features of its economics and politics. True revolution, on the other hand, is radically tolerant of the presence of the other and therefore non-violent at the core.

Andrea Micocci teaches at the Jean Monnet Faculty of Seconda Università di Napoli (SUN), San Leucio (CE), and Link Campus University of Malta,Rome.



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