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There is an excellent article by George Monbiot in The Guardian today: ‘One financial meltdown, it seems, is just not enough for Gordon Brown’ (8th September, p.33).

Monbiot indicates Gordon Brown’s degree of responsibility for the current crisis of capital and his dysfunctional reluctance to attempt to place substantial restraints on banks and bankers’ activities – which have been ruinous for millions.

As Monbiot notes:

“So there will be no reckoning. There will be no firm restraint, no punishment, no measure sufficient to prevent a repetition of the crash. The only people who will not be harmed by the banking crisis are the bankers who caused it”.

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Glenn Rikowski

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Jump you F*****!


This is an ode to that true and infamous merchant banker, Sir Freddie Goodwin.


It is composed and performed by the excellent Dave Rogers.


You can hear Jump you F*****! on YouTube, at:


For background on Fred Goodwin and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), see:



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