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Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory

Marxism Against Postmodernism in Educational Theory


Neoliberalism in Crisis? Current Education Issues and Responses


Speakers include:

Stephen Ball

Nick Grant

Tristan McCowan

Spyros Themelis




22nd January 2014


University of East London

The Cass School of Education

Stratford Campus

Room ED2.04.


All welcome, but RSVP to Veronica Burton:

Co-convenors: Tony Green and Alpesh Maisuria


Please circulate



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We Are the Crisis


Why a Marxist School?

Karl Marx’s ideas are a common touchstone for many people working for change.  His historical materialism, his many contributions to political economy and class analysis, all continue to serve his core values–the self-emancipation of the working class and a vision of a classless society.  There are naturally many trends in Marxism that have developed over the years, and new ones are on the rise today.  All of them and others who want to see this project succeed are welcome here.

Founder: Carl Davidson

Initial Core Group: Linda Alcoff, Mark Alper, Gar Alperovitz, Burton Lee Artz, Salvatore Babones, Rose Brewer, Renate Bridenthal, Roderick Bush, Dominique Caouette, Orlando Caracas, Dana Cloud, Michael Duff, Jon Gobeil, Larry Hanley, Jerry Harris, Richard Huggins, David Fryett, Mark Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Athina Karatzogianni, Gavin Kitching, Lauren Langman, Marnia Lazreg, Kathy McAfee, Peter Mclaren, Bharat Mehra, Hannah Miyamoto, Gregory Morales, Joshua Morris, Kathleen Newman, Jonathan Nitzan, Juan Pablo Ochoa, Tom O’Donnell, Teresa Pac, William Pelz, Sanjay Perera, Frank Phelan, Garry Potter, Melvin Rothenberg, Saskia Sassen, Ellen Schwartz, Justin Schwartz, David Schwartzman, David Schweickart, Navin Singh, Geoffrey Skoll, William Tabb, Harry Targ, Bharat Thakkar, Joseph Varga, Rob Watts, Richard Wolff.

“This is a radical education and left unity project. All on the left willing to work cooperatively for its success are invited to join and lend a hand” — CARL DAVIDSON

Online University of the Left:

This is a tremendous development — Glenn Rikowski


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Education and Capitalism



Forthcoming Fall 2011

“This book is a breath of fresh air! The chapters take on central issues in education with a clear vision of what could be. Class, race, language and culture become not just educational ‘problems,’ but tools with which to rethink the future. A stellar addition to books in our field” —Jean Anyon, author of Marx and Education

“At a time when the capitalist class and their corporate allies in the media have waged an all-out assault on teachers, students, and public education, Education and Capitalism responds by speaking truth to power.…Drawing from the lived experiences of the editors and their students, and informed by cutting edge socio-political critique, Education and Capitalism clears the path for a new understanding of the current assault on public schooling and points towards important directions if we are to save it.” —Peter McLaren, author of Che Guevara, Paulo Freire, and the Pedagogy of  Revolution 

In the first decade of the twenty-first century, a conservative, bipartisan consensus dominates about what’s wrong with our schools and how to fix them. In each case, those solutions scapegoat teachers, vilify our unions, and promise more private control and market mentality as the answer. In each case, students lose—especially students of color and the children of the working class and the poor.

This book, written by teacher activists, speaks back to that elite consensus. It draws on the ideas and experiences of social justice educators concerned with fighting against racism and for equality, and those of activists oriented on recapturing the radical roots of the labor movement. Informed by a revolutionary vision of pedagogy, schools, and education, it paints a radical critique of education in Corporate America, past and present, and contributes to a vision of alternatives for education andliberation. Inside are essays that trace Marxist theories of education under capitalism; outline the historical educational experiences of emergent bilingual and African American students; recap the history of teachers’ unions; analyze the neoliberal attack on public schools under Obama; critically appraise Paolo Freire’s legacy; and make the historical link between social revolution and struggles for literacy.

With contributions from:
Rose Aguilar
Megan Behrent
Bill Bigelow
Michele Bollinger
John T. Green
Jesse Hagopian
Adrienne Johnstone
Brian Jones
Jessie Muldoon
Gillian Russom
Adam Sanchez
Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Elizabeth Terzakis
Dan Trocolli

Sarah Knopp is a public high school teacher inLos Angeles and an activist with United Teachers Los Angeles.

Jeff Bale is assistant professor of second language education at Michigan State University. Their work has appeared in Rethinking Schools, International Socialist Review, and CounterPunch

Available Fall 2011 |Trade paper | $17.00 | 220 pages | ISBN: 9781608461646 | Published by Haymarket Books | | | 773-583-7884

For review or desk copies, contact Sarah Macaraeg,

Book details at:

For more information, visit:

or link to the book’s Facebook page:


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Revolution and Protest


REVOLUTION AND PROTEST: A remarkable new encyclopedia – Please Share


Please pass this information on to others who might be interested.



A remarkable political and scholarly contribution is about to be published (March 2009) – the most comprehensive source on revolution and protest to date.  This timely eight-volume work is The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest



Published by Wiley-Blackwell, it has been compiled by hundreds of scholars throughout the world, under the editorship of Dr. Immanuel Ness of the City University of New York, who is also the editor of the prestigious Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society.   



For more information: 


All libraries should be encouraged to secure this incredible resource – and as many scholars and activists as possible should be alerted to its imminent appearance.



Among the Advisory Editorial Board members are: Walden Bello, Elaine Bernard, Robert Brenner, Stephen Eric Bronner, Dennis Brutus, Paul Buhle, Bill Fletcher, Adolfo Gilly,Lawrence Goodwyn, Gerald Horne, Robin D.G. Kelley, Michael Löwy, Manning Marable, Bryan Palmer, and Frances Fox Piven Associate Editors include: Dario Azzellini,Marcelline Block, Jesse Cohn, Clifford D. Conner, Geoffroy de LaForcade, Rowena Griem, Paul LeBlanc, Amy Linch, Soma Marik, Vivekananda Vidyabhavan, Ayokunle O. Omobowale, Pierre Rousset, Beverly Tomek, Ben Trott.



Below are some initial pre-publication endorsements, which give a sense of what has been accomplished: 

“For this work Immanuel Ness has assembled an impressive team of international scholars…Undoubtedly, this will become an essential reference on world revolutionary and protest movements, and an important addition to the collections of academic and larger public libraries. I know I will recommend it to our students and faculty, and will consult it frequently for my own research.” 
Thomas Twiss, Government Information Librarian, University of Pittsburgh



“An indispensable tool for social scientists and historians who wish to be aware of their rich and colourful past. The scope is breathtaking – with a wealth of engagingly presented detail gathered by an army of researchers under the sure guidance of Immanuel Ness. Wiley is to be congratulated.” 
Raymond Markey, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand



“Finally a scholarly reference work that provides a substantive approach to world history that accounts for the essential role played by popular movements in the processes of revolution, social change and progress. The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest traces the efforts of peasants and workers in the global South and North as they struggle for justice and power from the emergence of European colonialism to the present.”
Gary Younge, The Guardian and The Nation



“This compilation of historical essays provides a unique contribution to the study of social radicalism. The encyclopedia fills a critical void with its extensive examination of the progression of revolutions and protests throughout the world. The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest is sure to become the definitive reference work in this area of study.” 
Pat Newcombe, Western New England College School of Law Library



“[A] valuable resource for students of social movements and social change.” 
Stephen H. Aby, University of Akron



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