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World Crisis


International Socialism Northern Day School
The Dance House, Oxford Road, Manchester (opposite the BBC)
Sunday 6th February 2011, 10.30-5.00

The world is now in the midst of the biggest economic crisis since the 1930s. This is a crisis brought on by the capitalist system. The response of our rulers, everywhere, is to make ordinary people pay the price—even though they didn’t cause it. Their policies are a declaration of class war.

Unevenly, but with growing strength, workers and students are developing a fightback in country after country. In Britain, the head of the Metropolitan Police says we are entering an era of mass protests.

In the past fortnight, mass protests have brought down a hated regime in Tunisia, and are now challenging Mubarak’s dictatorship in Egypt.

International Socialism journal invites you to join in a day school on the crisis, organizing in the resistance, and the possibilities for revolutionary politics.

Sessions on:

[1] Understanding the capitalist crisis;
[2] How should revolutionaries organise in the 21st century?;
[3] What do we really mean by socialist revolution?

Speakers include:
Session 1: 11.00-12.30
Jane Hardy (Professor of Politics, Hertfordshire)
Joseph Choonara (editorial board, International Socialism)

Session 2: 1.30-3.00
Esme Choonara (London ambulance worker, former Socialist Worker journalist)
Jen Wilkinson (SWP organiser, Manchester)

Session 3: 3.30-5.00
Jonny Jones (deputy editor, International Socialism)
Megan Trudell (editorial board, International Socialism)

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. And an extensive socialist bookstall.

Admission: £10 waged, £5 unwaged, £2 school and FE students.

For further information, and for advance bookings, contact ISJ Day School, PO Box 111, Manchester M21 0AA or call 0777 234 6819.

International Socialism
+44 (0)20 7819 1177

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World Crisis