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Call for Papers
2011 Marxist Literary Group Institute on Culture and Society
Special Topic: “What Is Revolution?”
Deadline for Proposals: March 1, 2011.

The Marxist Literary Group´s 2011 Institute on Culture and Society (2011 MLG-ICS) will convene this summer (June 20-24) on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago. As always, any submission that engages seriously with Marxist thought will be considered, including, but not limited to, Marxist considerations of literature or literary considerations of Marxism.

This year’s special topic will be “What is Revolution?” What is class struggle? Can there be one without the other, as horizon or precondition? How does radical social change take place? Is it necessary to have a theory of revolution, or is it better to pursue an intelligent opportunism? Does Marxism require revolution? Does revolution require class? What would a plausible political subject, or a plausible subject of history, look like today? Does our present moment hold any revolutionary possibility? What contemporary movements, possibilities, and practices hold promise (or do not)? Is there a plausible relationship today between aesthetic practices and the end of capitalism (as we know it)? How does one represent what is only possible, not actual? Is “struggle” another name for the possible? What is the relationship between politics as such and the economic as such? What is the relationship between politics and thinking, between revolution and philosophy? These questions and others will be the focus of this year’s Institute. Selected papers will be invited for submission to Mediations (

Recent years´ programs can be accessed at

The Institute on Culture and Society is run in consecutive sessions, and the discussion is most fruitful when participants stay for the entire Institute. Housing is available on campus, and every effort is made to keep the cost of attendance low. Graduate student participation is subsidized by the Marxist Literary Group. Proposals are welcome for:

Traditional panels
Individual presentations
Film Screenings
Reading Groups

All proposals except panel proposals should be a maximum of 250 words in length, and should include title, author, and author’s affiliation. Panel proposals should include for each proposed paper a 250-word abstract, including title and affiliation, as well as a title and 100-word rationale for the session itself. Please send submissions (plain text or commonly used file format) by March 1, 2011 to:

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