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Marx's Grave

Marx’s Grave


Marxism 2014 – 10-14 July, 2014, central London
1914-2014: A century of war, crisis and revolution: what are the alternatives today?

Marxism 2014 is a five day political festival bringing together thousands of activists, trade unionists, students, writers and academics. There are around 200 meetings on everything from climate change to the Egyptian revolution.  The world economic turmoil continues, the police have a licence to kill, immigrants are being scapegoated, and the whole welfare state is under attack. There has never been a greater need to discuss alternatives to a world in a crisis.

Speakers include:
John Pilger, Darcus Howe, Winston Silcott, Ronnie Kasrils, Janet Alder, Gareth Pierce, Peter Hain, Michael Roberts, Alex Callinicos, Gilbert Achcar, Guglielmo Carchedi, Ian Birchall, Kevin Doogan, Susan Rosenthal, Tommy Sheridan, Paul Blackledge, Joseph Daher, Jane Hardy, Mike Savage, Louise Raw, John Molyneux, Judith Orr, Mike Wayne, Tony Collins, Liz Lawrence, Bassem Chit, Rehad Desai and many more.

Full timetable available to download here:



‘Human Herbs’ – a song by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

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