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New from Haymarket Books

The Politics of Combined and Uneven Development: The Theory of Permanent Revolution

By Michael Löwy

Löwy’s book is the first attempt to analyze, in a systematic way, how the theories of uneven and combined development, and of the permanent revolution— inseparably linked—emerged in the writings of thinkers such as Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky. Such radical reflections permit us to understand modern economic development across continents as a process of ferocious change, in which “advanced” and “backward” elements fuse, come into tension, and collide—and how the resulting ruptures make it possible for the oppressed and exploited to change the world.

Michael Löwy is research director in sociology at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris. He is the author of many books, including The Theory of Revolution in the Young Marx, Romanticism Against the Tide of Modernity, and Marxism and Liberation Theology.

Trade paper | 240 pages | $17
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