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Hello all,

The Birkbeck Capital (Volume 1) Reading Group’s next meeting on Friday February the 18th at 6:30 pm will feature Nicole Pepperell (author of a forthcoming book on Marx’s Capital and of the blog and researcher at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).

Her paper will discuss, among other things, Marx’s “standpoint of critique” – that is, whether and how Marx is able to engage immanently with the object of critique. It will touch lightly on the narrative structure of the  first four chapters of Volume I of Capital and give us the latest on Nicole’s research for her forthcoming book. Nicole will speak for 45 minutes and this will be followed by 45 minutes discussion.

There will be some wine served up.

Could you let know if you would like to attend? 

The room we have booked may need to be upgraded if lots of people are coming… The event’s open to all, so feel free to bring others and circulate this email…

More details (inc. room number) to follow, best wishes,

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