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Student Rebellion


Education Against Austerity – Thursday 6th October, 6.30pm @ The Quad, LSE, London WC2A 2AE
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Report, photos and videos on #Anti-Tory-March:
The new academic term is opening in anger: On Sunday 1500 joined the EAN feeder march inManchester and more than 30000 trade unionists marched in total. As tens of thousands are being denied university places and forced into debt, we will discuss how we can build a movement that can.

The deep inequalities faced by millions of young people were exposed by the summer riots. Yet the Tories are coming for more; this year will see the attempt to implement their “White Paper” – the definitive entry of business into education and wholesale privatisation of entire institutions. The creation of the £18000 a year New College of the Humanities while 70% of courses are cut at London Met University shows the Con-Dem project for our education. Yet the government is weak and when we build pressure from below we can win. The student revolt pushed the coalition into turmoil and ESOL was partially saved after widespread resistance. 
Education Against Austerity seeks to both to set the political tone of the new term and begin to lay down the organisational framework for a shut down of education in November when millions of public sector workers look set to join lecturers and teachers for mass strikes. We hope to see you there joining EAN to discuss how we build effective resistance in our colleges and universities as part of a growing movement against austerity.
Education Against Austerity – Thursday 6th October, 6.30pm @ he Quad, LSE, London WC2A 2AE

Speakers include:
* Owen Jones, author of Chavs looks at the rising demonization of young people.
* Mark Campbell, Save London Met campaigner explains what’s behind the public sector strikes and why they matter in the fight for education.
* Susan Matthews, Defend the Right to Protest activist on the rise of political policing and why we should defend arrested protesters.
* Mandy Brown, Action for ESOL on how we defected ESOL cuts and where next in the fight for Further Education.
* Mark Bergfeld, NUS NEC discusses where next for the student movement


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Euro-Mediterranean Happening on Education, Welfare and New Political Practices
Rome, May 12th – 13th

In the last two years we have participated and assisted with extraordinary movements that have fought for a quality education, for labour rights and new welfare against the austerity politics of the European Union. The wild demonstrations, picket lines and strikes, the university occupations and the turmoil of theMediterranean signal a generational revolt and the necessity of a new social pact that involves all those subjects that stand up for their rights and refuse to be blackmailed.

The huge strikes last autumn inFranceshowed us the possibility of creating an intergenerational alliance, as blockades of production and circulation of goods constitute different aspects of a common struggle. InRome, as inLondon, the Book Block was a collective political practice able to speak out about the dismantling of public universities and processes of deskilling. At the same time, the revolts of Maghreb-Mashrek demonstrate how the construction of a future is tightly bound to both the radical claim for democracy and with the necessity of freedom from the parasitic and corrupt power that commands over our lives, universities, schools and workplaces.

The recent revolts and movements have crossed national and European borders as well as the limits imposed on education and mobility by Bologna Process to clash with the failure of a strategy we have always opposed. The struggles of these months have indicated that the possibility of radical change can only become concrete through the alliance among the different actors of labour and education, through common and transnational practices guided by those whom put their own bodies and knowledge.

We hope to give a common meaning to this new space redefined by the conflicts in which the crises open new possibilities to create an “other” future. It is for this reason that we want to initiate an open debate about the common projects we want to build together, starting in Romeon 12 and 13th May 2011.


[ Thursday 12th May ]
6 p.m. – Department of Philosophy, Villa Mirafiori

Opening workshop – with:
Mouhamed Ali Oueled Itaief Student of the “École des beaux-arts” in Tunis
Youad Ben Rejeb Université Femministe
Trifi Bassem Forum des jeunes pour la citoyenneté et la créativité (FJCC)
Mondher Abidi Union Diplomées Chomeurs
Wissem Sghaier UGET Union General Etudiant Tunisi
Tim Uncut UK
Maham Hashni SOAS
Mark Bergfeld Education Activist Network
Rita Maestre Fernandez Juventud sin futuro

Annalisa Cannito AgMigrationUndAntirassismus
Tatiana Kai- Browne Plattform Geschichtspolitik

7 p.m.

Aperitive – Global video session #1
Contributions from education revolt – Book Bloc videos and photos

[ Friday 13th May ]

10 a.m. – Department of Political Science, University “La Sapienza”
Conflictual knowledge: from Europe to Mediterranean area

3 p.m. – Department of Literature, University “La Sapienza”
Education, Welfare and Precariousness

5 p.m. – Department of Literature, University “La Sapienza”
Labour, income and democracy against the crisis
With Fiom’ general secretary Maurizio Landini and members of tunisian General Union UGTT.

8 p.m. – ESC (via dei Volsci, 159)

Global video session #2

Contributions and interviews from Maghreb – Mashrek’ revolts

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Education Crisis


11am-5pm Sunday 31st October

King’s College London & London School of Economics

Supported by NUS, London Region UCU and others


– Usman Ali, Shane Chowen & Mark Bergfeld (NUS NEC)
– Professors Danny Dorling, Costas Lapavitsas, Steven Rose, Alex Callinicos & Alberto Toscano
– Labour MP John McDonnell
– Sean Vernell & Jim Wolfreys (UCU NEC)
– Kanja Sesay (NUS Black Students Officer), Abdulrahman Alhadithi (FOSIS Head of Campaigns) and a speaker from NUS LGBT Campaign
– Strikers, occupiers, trade unionists and student campaigners from key disputes such as Sussex University, Tower Hamlets College and King’s College London.
– Others including Zita Holbourne (PCS NEC), Ben Sprung (London FBU) & Graham Turner (GFC Economics)


– Activist-led workshops on how to build strikes, occupations and campaigns
– Radical academics debate cuts, crisis, inequality and the future of education
– Meetings on the Islamophobic clampdown in our universities, the academic boycott for Palestine, and other key questions facing the movement
– A forum on the struggle in Europe with participants from Greece, Austria, Britain and German

Details and Registration:


‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

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