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2012, Issue #5
Democracy: Critiques and Prospects

English Introduction

Part I.  Reflections and Critiques of Bourgeois Democracy

WANG Shaoguang: Reflections on Democratic Systems
Interview with WANG Hui: Contradictions, Systemic Crisis and Directions for Change
HAN Yuhai: Constitutional Rule and the Proletarian State

Part II. Experiments and Practices Beyond Bourgeois Democracy

CAO Haohan: Lenin, the Soviet and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
Fred ENGST: An Analysis of the Relationship between the Working Class and Its Party in the Socialist Period
YAN Hairong: Reflection is not Demonization: A Conversation with Cao Zhenglu about His New Novel Lessons in Democracy (excerpted)
George LAMBIE: The Cuban Revolution in the 21st Century (abridged and excerpted)
Marta HARNECKER: Popular power in Latin America — Inventing in order to not make errors (abridged and excerpted)
Appendix: Democratic Experiments in Venezuela


Part III. Reflections on Democratic Transitions

CHENG, Tun-Jen: Is the dog barking?: The middle class and democratic movements in the East Asian NICs
Przemyslaw WIELGOSZ: 25 Years of Solidarity – From Workers Revolution to Capitalism
HUANG De-bei: Taiwan’s Democratization: Experiences and Reflection (abridged and excerpted)
Samir AMIN: Movement in Egypt: Wang Hui and Lau Kin Chi’s Conversation with Amin (abridged and excerpted)
James PETRAS/Henry VELTMEYER: Uprisings and Regime Change in the Arab World (Beyond Neoliberalism: A World to Win)


Part IV. Debate: Views and Analyses on Democracy in China

Some Notable Proposals for China’s Political Change
Barry SAUTMAN and YAN Hairong: The ‘Right Dissident’: Liu Xiaobo and the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize
Christopher McNALLY and Teresa WRIGHT: Sources of Social Support for China’s Current Political Order: The ‘Thick Embeddedness’ of China’s Private Capital Holders

Part V.  On Village Elections

ZHANG Deyuan: When it is Time Again for Our Village Election Experience. Rural Grassroots Election: Clans, Violence, and Bribery
ZHANG Chenghao: A Migrant’s Diary: Struggles for Interest in Rural Elections Turn White-Hot


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Chinese Revolution


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The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution
By Harold R. Isaacs

Introduction by Leon Trotsky

MOST ACCOUNTS OF the modern Chinese state begin with Mao’s 1949 Revolution; but to understand how the contest for power in one of the world’s most controversial nations began, it is necessary to look further back. In The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution, Isaac’s classic work of Marxist scholarship, the story of a promising struggle of workers and peasants for genuine self-government in 1925-27 is masterfully reclaimed. The defeat of their fight for socialism from below profoundly shaped the course of China’s development thereafter, in which the crude and illegitimate formulation of socialism from above became the order of the day. Originally published in 1938, The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution makes an important contribution to discussions of the developing clash between China and other international powers, as well as to the country’s enigmatic internal conflicts.

HAROLD R. ISAACS was a Marxist historian who identified closely with Trotsky’s critique of the Soviet Union’s degeneration under the control of an authoritarian Stalinist bureaucracy.

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The Tragedy of the Chinese Revolution
By Harold R. Isaacs
March 2009
ISBN: 9781931859844
History of The Russian Revolution
By Leon Trotsky

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