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New Pamphlet: Toward the Last Jubilee! Midnight Notes at Thirty Years

(Edited by Craig Hughes. Published by Autonomedia & Perry Editions)

In November 2009, the Midnight Notes Collective marked thirty years of work with MN30, a day-long conference held at the Brecht Forum in Manhattan that was attended by more than seventy comrades. This pamphlet, which includes essays by writers involved in or inspired by the work of Midnight Notes, developed from that gathering.

The short pieces in this pamphlet are characteristic of the crises – of capitalism, of the working class, of movements – that MN30 occurred in. The authors don’t mince words—not in their celebration and admiration of Midnight Notes, nor in their presentation of the very real difficulties of the period; not in their critiques of where the project has been and gone, and certainly not in their raising of the real pressing political issues we all need to grapple with.

Available for sale from Autonomedia ( and AK Press (

Table of Contents:

Craig Hughes: Introduction

p.m: From Midnight to Dawn: Permutations of a Crisis and the Comedy of the Commons

Steven Colatrella: Comments on Midnight Notes 30 Years

George Caffentzis: Two Themes of Midnight Notes: Work/Refusal of Work and Enclosure/Commons

Chris Vance: A Short Reflection on Midnight Notes

Team Colors Collective: High Entropy Workers Unite!

Sabu Kohso: An East Asian Mediator’s View of Midnight Notes Collective

Jenna Loyd: Beyond Walls and Cages: State Violence, Racism, and the Possibility of Abolition Economies

Manuel Yang: Elegy for Midnight Notes?

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