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Call for Papers
Democracy in Evolution
First International Conference
Los Angeles, Saturday July 16, 2011

“We don’t have too many choices now. We are a society that is one hundred percent dependent on science. We’re going to go up in our population in the next 40 years; we can’t deal with the population we have without destroying our environment.”
-J. Craig Venter -60 Minutes -November 22, 2010
We are a small group researching the further evolution of democracy as a function of underlying evolutionary biology. Our findings tell us that democracy is, in fact, a stage into a further and inevitable mode of human interaction.

This is a call for papers for that first international conference tentatively scheduled for Los Angeles, Saturday, July 16, but subject to change per response – further notices continuing.

1 – All government/economy so far has evolved out of the neonate ignorance and pecking order of human origins as warm-blooded, cerebrating vertebrates -but-

2 – Continuing existence under genetic imperative defaults to science as the best and only agency of that existence.

Findings so far are broadly laid out in the two short essays: – Democracy and Further and (more detailed) – How We Came to ‘Democracy, The Best Form of Government’ – Why It Isn’t and Where It’s Going,

These findings take us into considering evolution of democracy well beyond the Constitution. Given such ‘aperture into the unknown’, papers are expected to cover a lot of territory.

The continuing evolution of democracy entails successively greater interaction with science. What are the dynamics of that interaction? What are the implications of those dynamics and the consequences and logistics entailed?

Deadline is May 16, but the sooner we receive abstracts and responses, the better we understand the nature of this singularly new inquiry and the earlier our updates and communications.

Abstracts should be limited to 250 words – all formats accepted.
Dr. David Scholler will discuss the evolutionary nature of problems and their frequently conflicting institutionalizations as they exist in democracy today.

It is our intention to hold this exploratory, no-fee conference in a Los Angeles centrally-located area on Saturday, July 16 of 2011. Material and discussion coming from the natural sciences primarily and their governmental relationships in general -biology, anthropology, environmental science, economics, political science, social science, legislative process et cetera.

Your response in any aspect of this unique undertaking would be greatly appreciated.

Perry Bezanis

For the DH Group


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