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Lecturers at King’s College London have voted to take strike action this Tuesday – in a ballot that broke the record set at Sussex two weeks ago, which in turn had broken the record set last month in Leeds.  There is a report from the KCL dispute on the Guardian website.  It ends by asking readers “If jobs must go, how should it be done?” – but recent battles at Leeds and Kent put us in a good position to respond: No ifs, no buts, no education cuts!

Now that King’s is in the eye of the storm, solidarity from across the sector is crucial.  Nearly 1000 staff and students came together to march on London this Saturday against education cuts, and now we need to throw that same unity behind the KCL dispute.  Use the attached collection sheet to get donations in your college or workplace, and send photos of yourself holding up the placard to

Click here to download placard

Click here to download collection sheet

Other reports

This Saturday up to 1000 students and education workers demonstrated against the cuts

A united staff and student campaign has defeated compulsory redundancies in Uni of Kent

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