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Research and Practice in Adult Literacies (RaPAL)

Love Literacies, Love Lifelong Learning: Health, Well-being, Partnerships and Workplaces


RaPAL Annual Conference

Saturday, 5th April 2014

Birmingham City Hospital, UK

RaPAL (Research and Practice in Adult Literacies) represents practitioners, learners and researchers in the field of adult literacies in the UK, Ireland and beyond. We have strong international links in the field of adult literacies and with 78 other organisations across Europe, we recently joined the ‘European Literacy Network’, ELiNET. We enjoy engaging in debates that touch on English language and literacy, numeracy and digital skills across homes, communities and workplaces.

Our conference is being held on Saturday 5th April at City Hospital, Birmingham in England. This venue provides a fantastic opportunity to focus on our broad themes of adult literacies in work and life, and which include a wide variety of partnerships and in the contexts of health and well-being. We will be joined by key note speakers from the University of Wolverhampton and, via link-up, Washington State University. We have a wonderful range of workshops, including from the; Community Health and Learning Foundation, the Reading Agency, specialists in writing, digital literacies, online and workplace learning. We are excited to have peers beaming in from Australia to talk about award-winning community health and literacy projects.


Key Speakers:

Dr Linda Lang

Professor Lang is Dean of the School of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Wolverhampton. She will talk about the work of the faculty and the concept of Life Long Learning, focussing on a recent development for a University Technical College (UTC) in the Midlands. The UTC ‘Health Futures’ aims to support and develop 14-19 year olds to be able to achieve their goals and aspirations through HE and employment in careers in the Health Sector.

Dr Sondra Cuban

Sondra Cuban will speak from Washington State USA about her ESRC research project profiled in her 2013 book Deskilling Migrant Women in the Global Care Industry. The study focused on a group of migrant women who were care assistants in England’s care sector. Sondra will discuss their digital strategies to connect and care for their families abroad amid tensions they experienced with their paid care for older persons in England.





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