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Summer 2013

Symbolic culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years ago, in a social revolution whose echoes can still be heard in myths and rituals around the world. These talks are a general introduction to anthropology, including the latest findings from genetics, evolutionary biology, primatology, cave painting research and archaeology. There is hot food in the venue and plenty of time afterwards for socialising in local pubs.


April 9: Myth, Market and Media: the bauxite-rich Niyamgiri in the London Stock Exchange Samarendra Das

April 16: The evolutionary emergence of language Chris Knight

April 23: The social life of counterfeits and the ascription of meaning and value to things Mark Jamieson

April 30: Ethnomusicology and the anthropology of sound Noel Lobley

May 7: Revolution in Judea: Jesus in anthropological perspective Chris Knight

May 14: Early human culture as reverse dominance Chris Knight

May 21: Culture as creative refusal David Graeber

May 28: Greenham Common: a modern matriarchy June Cleevely

June 4: The secrets of Stonehenge: a critique of Mike Parker Pearson Lionel Sims

June 11: Frogs, moon and sun at the Avebury monuments Lionel Sims

June 18: The origin of the family, private property and the state Chris Knight

June 25: Red stars and snowy mountains: linking folklore and archaeology Fabio Silva

July 2: Radical Anthropology Group Annual General Meeting


All talks held at the St Martinʼs Community Centre

43 Carol St, LondonNW1 0HT (2 minutes from Camden tube)

Tuesday evenings, 6.15–9.00 pm.


For regular updates on meetings and anthropology news, please follow us on Twitter (@radicalanthro) and Facebook




Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Stagnant’ at: (live, at the Belle View pub, Bangor, north Wales); and at (new remix, and new video, 2012)

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Neolithic Tomb


New discussion series

Yes after a couple of problems, we have speakers lined up for some discussion groups meetings.

We are privileged to have Lionel Sims as our first speaker. He is a very distinguished anthropologist with much of interest to say about nature of humans and their development.

He will talk on the Neolithic counter-revolution and will be in the course of this defending Engels view of family etc…

There is much in this to learn about our present predicament.

We have a new venue, near Aldgate East tube – and quite easy to get to, even if not quite central.

We are now for the purposes of these meetings the ‘Individual and Society Interdisciplinary Study Group’ I had to have an official sounding name.

I look forward to seeing many of you there

William Dixon

Venue Details

7.00 – 9.00
Calcutta House,
Part of London Metropolitan University
Calcutta House
Old Castle St E1 7NT London – UNITED KINGDOM
Thursday 3 November  2011
Room: CM2-38, Old Board Room


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