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The Island


Volume 10 Number 1 2011

ISSN 1475-7257

Just published at:


Steve Newstead. Editorial. The Shape of Things to Come

Eric Amsel, Todd Baird & Aaron Ashley. Misconceptions and Conceptual Change in Undergraduate Students’ Understanding of Psychology as a Science

Paul Sander, Jesus de la Fuente Arias, Keith Stevenson & Tim Jones. A Validation of the Academic Behavioural Confidence Scale with Spanish Psychology Students

O. J. Sizemore & Gary W. Lewandowski Jr. Lesson Learned: using clinical examples for teaching research methods

Dina M. Karafantis & Maria LaPadula. Incorporating Active Learning Techniques in an Introduction to Psychology Course


Aaron S. Richmond, Russell N. Carney & Joel R. Levin. Got Neurons? Teaching Neuroscience Mnemonically Promotes Retention and Higher-Order Thinking

Shelia M. Kennison & J. Michael Bowers. Illustrating Brain Lateralisation in a Naturalistic Observation of Cell-Phone Use

Kim A. Case. The Class Interview: student engagement in courses covering sensitive topics


Child Development (Charlotte Patterson), reviewed by Simon Child
Culture and Psychological Development (Dabie Nabuzoka & Janet M. Empson), reviewed by Flora Todaro Luck
Discovering Statistics Using SPSS (Andy Field), reviewed by Cathy Schofield
Doing Qualitative Research in Psychology: a practical guide (Michael Forrester, Ed.), reviewed by Laurence Hopkins
Essential Psychology: a concise introduction (Philip Banyard, Mark N. O. Davies, Christine Norman & Belinda Winder), reviewed by Margaret Nampijja
Movies and Mental Illness 3: using films to understand psychopathology (D. Wedding, M. A. Boyd & R. M. Niemic), reviewed by Simon Duff
Psychological Groupwork with Acute Psychiatric Inpatients (Jonathan Radcliffe, Katja Hajek, Jerome Carson, Oded Manor, Eds), reviewed by Julie Taylor
Psychology: the science of mind and behaviour (Michael Passer, Ronald Smith, Nigel Holt, Andy Bremner, Ed Sutherland & Michael Vliek), reviewed by Samantha Otero
Theories of Developmental Psychology (Patricia H. Miller), reviewed by Dawn Mannay
Your Psychology Project Handbook: becoming a researcher (Clare Wood, David Giles & Carol Percy), reviewed by Genovefa Kefalidou
‘Loftus’ Speaks (DVD: recorded lecture by Professor Elizabeth Loftus), reviewed by Julie Blackwell Young

Abstracts of recent articles published in Teaching of Psychology and Psychology Teaching Review

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No Future


Special Conference Announcement
International Conference on Researching Work and Learning (RWL)

The Seventh RWL Conference will be taking place in Shanghai, China (December 4-7, 2011)

All conference information can be found at

Deadline for proposals (papers, symposia, workshops, poster sessions) is March 1st, 2011.

Conference Streams include:
a) Learning, Organizational Change and Organizational Development
b) Professional Work and Learning
c) Leadership Studies in Work and Learning
d) Labour Studies in Work and Learning
e) Trade Unions’ Education and Learning
f) Quality of Work/Learning Life
g) Trans-nationalism, Migration, Work and Learning
h) Work, Learning and Community
i) Learning Theory, Skills and Work
j) Identity, Work and Learning
k) Gender, Ethnicity, Spirituality, Diversity in Workplace and Learning
l) Vocational Education, Labour Markets and Learning
m) Policy Studies, Work and Learning
n) Unpaid Work and Learning
o) Historical Approaches to Work, Learning and Social Change
p) Best practice studies, work and learning

About the RWL Series:
The RWL international conference series was established in 1999 and has run continuously since on a bi-annual basis. Successful conferences have been held in the UK, Canada, Finland, Australia, South Africa, Denmark. In close association with the Journal of Workplace Learning and Emerald Publishing, the RWL series is the longest, continuously running international conference series in the field of work and learning studies currently in operation.



Head: Peter Sawchuk
Co-ordinator: D’Arcy Martin

The Centre for the Study of Education and Work (CSEW) brings together educators from university, union, and community settings to understand and enrich the often-undervalued informal and formal learning of working people. We develop research and teaching programs at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (UofT) that strengthen feminist, anti-racist, labour movement, and working-class perspectives on learning and work.

Our major project is APCOL: Anti-Poverty Community Organizing and Learning. This five-year project (2009-2013), funded by SSHRC-CURA, brings academics and activists together in a collaborative effort to evaluate how organizations approach issues and campaigns and use popular education.

For more information about CSEW, visit:

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