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Volume 3 Number 3, 2011, ISSN 1757-7438

Migration and Education
Guest Editor: PAUL MILLER


Paul Miller. Editorial. Migration and Education

Snezana Ratković. Transitions from Exile to Academia: experiences and identities of refugee women teachers from the former Yugoslavia

Sarah Walker. Access Denied: refugee children and the exclusionary logic of the education system inEngland

Merike Darmody. Power, Education and Migration into Ireland

Monica Waterhouse. This Land is Our Land? Multiple Literacies and Becoming-Citizen in an Adult ESL Classroom

Kristen H. Perry & Christine A. Mallozzi. ‘Are You Able … to Learn?’: power and access to higher education for African refugees in the USA

Yasmin Y. Ortiga. Looking beyond the Obvious: power, epistemic culture and student migration in the knowledge-based economy

Bruce Anthony Collet. Religion, Forced Migration and Schooling: varying influences of religious capital among Iraqi Christian refugee students inJordan and the USA

Velibor Bobo Kovač & Maryann Jortveit. The ‘Why, What and How’ of Inclusion from the Practitioner’s Point of View: inclusion of immigrant children in the Norwegian educational system

Jean-Émile Charlier & Sarah Croché. The Bologna Process: a tool for Europe’s hegemonic project on Africa


Muslim Women and Sport (Tansin Benn, Gertrud Pfister, Haifaa Jawad, Eds), reviewed by Dean Garratt

School Trouble: identity, power, and politics in education (Deborah Youdell), reviewed by Renira Vellos

The New Folk Devils: Muslim boys and education in England (Farzana Shain), reviewed by Kathryn Kashyap

Chinese Learning Journeys: chasing the dream (Feng Su, Ed.), reviewed by Jerome Satterthwaite

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