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Socialism and Hope


Issue 132

The crisis of our time
Alex Callinicos

The wrong future

“No one represents us”: the 15 May movement in the Spanish state
Andy Durgan and Joel Sans

August 2011: a riot of our own
Jonny Jones

Queer theory and politics
Colin Wilson

Global cities, global workers in the 21st century
Mike Haynes

Behind and beyond the crisis
Guglielmo Carchedi

Once more (with feeling) on Marxist accounts of the crisis
Joseph Choonara

Tony Cliff rediscovered
Nigel Harris and Christian Høgsbjerg

Robert Wedderburn: race, religion and revolution
Michael Morris

Book reviews

Systemic failures
Gabriele Piazza

Liberating history
Pepijn Brandon

Messianic strains
John Rose

Imperial mythologies
Ken Olende

Yours truly, Angry Mob
Andrew Stone

Pick of the quarter
This quarter’s selection


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Issue 126

The radical left and the crisis

Venezuela at the crossroads: Voices from inside the revolution
Luke Stobart

Crisis and conflict in Pakistan
Sartaj Khan & Yuri Prasad

Climate politics after Copenhagen
Jonathan Neale

The changing face of racism
Richard Seymour

CLR James and the Black Jacobins
Christian Høgsbjerg

25 years after the Great Miners’ Strike
Jack Robertson

Tony Cliff: Deflected permanent revolution in Africa
Leo Zeilig

Rethinking imperialism: past, present and future
Gilbert Achcar

Conceding the Russian Revolution to liberals
Kevin Murphy

Book Reviews

Getting the “Change We Need”
Brian Richardson

Fighting for women’s liberation today
Siân Ruddick

Socialism through devolution?
Tim Evans

Refusing to be pessimistic
Dan Swain

Resisting revisionism
Matthew Cookson

Apologising for the Chilean coup
Nathaniel Mehr

Vote for Prisoner 9653
John Newsinger

Finance and capitalism in Europe
Christakis Georgiou

A true reflection of the system
Ken Olende

Pick of the quarter
This quarter’s selection

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