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>> Speakers from the Middle East & North Africa Revolutions >>
>> Skype Link-up with Occupy Wall St. Activists >>
>> Terry Eagleton on his New Book: Why Marx was Right >>

…and much more at this year’s…

>>2 – 4  MARCH 2012>>

In the last year, as the global economic crisis has deepened, we have seen revolutions sweep dictators from power across the Middle East and North Africa and resistance to austerity spread across Europe and the US with the Occupy Movement. There have been a number of general strikes in Greece and mass strikes in Britain.

This year’s Oxford Radical Forum (ORF) will be held from 2-4th March. This will be the fifth anniversary of the forum, run by students, lecturers and local activists based in the city. This year it is bigger than ever, with almost thirty sessions over a host of colleges and venues during the weekend.

The forum opens with ‘the MENA Revolutions: One Year On’, with Nadine El-Enany (activist from Cairo), Gilbert Achcar (SOAS), Anne Alexander (Cambridge) and Firoze Manji (Pambazuka Press). This will be followed by a discussion between Terry Eagleton and Alex Callinicos on ‘Why Marx was Right’.

Over the weekend, we will bring together Occupy activists from New York via live link-up with activists from Occupy London, for reflections on how the movement has changed politics and on how it can develop. International perspectives will also be brought by sessions on political struggle from Latin America to the Eurozone to China. A meeting on sexual liberation will be joined by Ghassan Makaram, a Lebanese LGBTQ activist. On Saturday, Greg Philo will join Moshe Machover and Daphna Baram for a meeting on Palestine and the Media.

This year’s line-up also reflects rising levels of resistance to austerity in Britain. We will bring together trade unionists from public and private sectors, students and community activists. Our session on the future of education will discuss this government’s decision to withdraw its Higher Education Bill with John Holmwood (Campaign for the Public University) and others. We will also have important sessions on ‘Defending the Right to Protest’, ‘Race, Racism and Resistance’, and even ‘Radical Science’.

As always the event is entirely FREE, but we welcome and encourage donations towards the costs of putting on the Forum.

We hope you will join us at the event. Spread the word!

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