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Global Capitalism


September 16 -18th, 2011
Academy of Sciences
Prague, Czech Republic
Sponsored by the Global Studies Centre, Prague and the Global Studies
Association of North America.

Keynote Speakers: William Robinson and Leslie Sklair

This will be the first international conference devoted to transnational capitalist class theory and global class formation. Over the past decade a growing body of work has established TCC theory as an important theoretical approach for examining global capitalism. The conference will provide a place to share research, debate and explore this newly emerging school of social/economic analysis.

Papers topics can include: transnational capitalist class and working class formations; transnational capitalist class and national capitalist class relations; elite networks; immigration and migration; global capitalism; production networks and commodity chains; global finance; transformation of the nation-state; the transnational state; transnational governance; information technology and globalization; the military/industrial complex and state.

Registration Fees: $80.00 U.S.
Conference web site:

Abstracts should be sent to:
Marek Hrubec, Director of the Global Studies Centre, Academy of Sciences, Prague.
Jerry Harris, Organizational Secretary of the Global Studies Association, North America
Deadline for Abstracts is June 30th.

International Organizing Committee: William Carroll, Canada; Johannah Fahey, Australia; Jerry Harris, U.S.; Marek Hrubec, Czech Republic; Georgina Murray, Australia, Bill Pelz, U.S.


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