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John Smyth & Terry Wrigley


DPR14 – Research and Practice: Exchange and Change

University of Greenwich, UK – 8-10 April, 2014
Is it time to remind ourselves what the conference is all about? Click here for the home page. That subtitle Exchange and Change could become a mantra: we exchange – that’s what conferences do, in coffee queues, lectures, presentations, workshops, and late into the small hours  – and change; we ourselves change; we change ourselves; we change one-another; we change the world…. The butterfly effect is good science.

There are just 67 days before the conference. This seems a long time; but the days will race by. Each year around this time the pace quickens as colleagues begin to realize it is time to send their abstracts, make their applications for funding to their institutions, apply for visas, book travel and accommodation, and prepare their presentations – papers, workshops, or posters. The second call for papers is 14 February – Valentine’s Day. As you sniff the bouquets that appear on your doorstep, adjust your bow tie and/or tiara and set out for romance, or, if you are in the UK, as you curl up before the fire to watch what the BBC rather discouragingly announces as highlights of today’s action from the Sochi Winter Olympics, which Team GB was hoping would bring medals, remind yourself that it is time to send your abstract. DPR does not do deadlines, seeing them as just as rigid, joyless and lifeless as they sound. Nevertheless, time is running out.

We have an outstanding and brilliant line up of keynote speakers this year: Richard Pring, then Stefan Collini, then Ivor Goodson. Details are posted on the web pages here, where you will see their pictures, brief biographies and the titles of their keynote presentations.

Just launched is a DPR blog, something we have been wanting for a while. The blog is in its infancy. We hope you will send your comments and your articles for inclusion, and that the blog will provide a forum for vigorous exchange and debate. Another innovation is the DPR Twitter site. Click, tweet, enjoy! We are grateful to John Blewitt for offering to look after the blog, and to James Duggan for taking care of Twitter.

I want to add an appeal which many of you will find familiar: please will you help us to spread the word about the conference? We rely on the goodwill of colleagues to send on information to their friends and colleagues, networks, institutions and mailing lists; perhaps also by using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Academia Edu – etc. One reason that DPR has continued to grow is that colleagues have been willing to give time to this. We will be most grateful if you can help to make the conference known, by forwarding this link to the conference home page, where there are further links to all aspects of the conference.
We very much hope to see you at the conference.
With all best wishes
(Jerome Satterthwaite – on behalf of the DPR Management Team)
Note: Click here to read this newsletter via the DPR website style.


‘Cheerful Sin’ – a song by Victor Rikowski:

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Education Crisis


Journal of Education Policy – After 25 Years

2010 is the 25th year of JEP. To mark the occasion we will running a special seminar and publishing a special issue of the Journal.

JEP25 Seminar, 24th June 2010, Institute of Education, London

Education, Capitalism and Crisis

The day will be organised around and in response to Andrew Gamble’s recently published book The Spectre at the Feast: Capitalist Crisis and the Politics of Recession, and Professor Gamble will introduce the seminar.  Also taking part are: Susan Robertson, David Hartley, John Clarke and Janet Newman, Ivor Goodson (other speakers to be confirmed).

Places will be limited: to book  a place email:

Stephen J Ball FBA AcSS
Karl Mannheim Professor of Sociology of Education
Editor Journal of Education Policy
Education Foundations and Policy Studies
Institute of Education
University of London
20 Bedford Way
London WC1H 0AL
United Kingdom

Institute of Education, University of London

EFPS – ‘critical research for social justice’:


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