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Ruth at UEA



Ruth Rikowski’s 33rd News Update is now out at:

It includes writing on such topics as:  Douglas Kennedy, Gloucestershire Libraries, Energy Monitors, Managing Information, Critical Pedagogy, Peter McLaren, Marxism, Analytical Philosophy, Capitalism, MERD, The Feminist Library, Information for Social Change, … and much more!

Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

The Flow of Ideas:

Information for Social Change


No. 28, Winter 2008/09


The Special Issue on ‘Lifelong Learners’, edited by John Pateman, is now available at:  





Editorial: Radical Bookshops (and Radical Bookshop list) – John Pateman


Changes in Adult and Community Education – Ray Shore


Learning, Learning Communities and Globalisation – Ray Shore


Back to the Future? Lifelong Learning in Libraries – Andrew Hudson


Developing a NEETS based Library Service – John Pateman


Information and Liberation: Writings of the Politics of Information and Librarianship – Shiraz Durrani


Policing Library Users – John Pateman


Quality Leaders Project (Youth) Initiative – Jane Pitcher and Elizabeth Eastwood-Krah



Information for Social Change:



Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

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The Flow of Ideas:

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Information for Social Change – New Issue

Current issue:



Current Issue


No. 27, Summer 2008 (all in PDF Format, formatted for A4 paper).

Special Issue on ‘Radical Bookshops’.

The role of Radical bookshops as information providers, radical publishers, and campaigning centres.

*       Whole Issue (PDF fomat, file size to download: approx 1 Mb

Contents and Editorial

*       Contents

*       Editorial – Radical Bookshops (and Radical Bookshop list) (Martyn Lowe)


*       Zine Libraries and a Directory of Zine Libraries and Infoshops
(Lacey Prpic Hedtke)

*       International Bookstore het Fort van Sjakoo (Rutger van Ree)

*       Housmans Bookshop (Bill Hetherington)

*       Freedom, Freedom Press and Freedom Bookshop (Donald Rooum)

*       All White in the Public Library (John Pateman)