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Socialism and Hope



Issue 78: July–August, Slavery and the origins of the Civil War

Analysis in brief—Egypt

Mostafa Omar
The new shape of the struggle in Egypt

Adam Hanieh
Egypt’s “orderly transition”? International aid and the rush to structural adjustment

U.S. Imperialism in the Age of Obama

Critical Thinking
Obama, imperialism, and capitalism
Phil Gasper shows how Obama’s foreign policy differs little from his predecessor

Michael Schwartz
The state of the struggle in Iraq

Adaner Usmani
The evolution of U.S. Pakistan policy

Ashley Smith
Rehabilitating U.S. intervention

James Illingworth
Slavery and the origins of the Civil War
The first of a series of articles on the Civil War over the coming issues of the ISR

Sharon Smith
The future in the present: Marxism, unions, and class struggle

Deepa Kumar
Political Islam: A Marxist analysis
The final installment of a two-part article. The first part appeared 
in ISR #76


Paul D’Amato and Jason Yanowitz
Spontaneity and Revolution
What role did socialists play in Russia’s February Revolution?


Ashley Smith
Political Marxism and the rise of American capitalism
Review of The American Road to Capitalism

Sarah Knopp
What do schools produce?
Review of the newly-republished classic Schooling in Capitalist America

Brian Jones
Myth and Malcolm
Review of Manning Marable, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention

Jenna Woloshyn
The struggle inside the unions
Review of Steve Early, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention ,

John McDonald
Recession and resistance
Review of David McNally, Global Slump

Adam Sanchez
Radical education theory 101
Review of Jean Anyon, Marx and Education


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Socialism and Hope



Issue 73: September–October
From Reform to Rebellion
Image and reality in the Bolivia of Evo Morales

Election 2010

Lance Selfa • Analysis in brief
Preparing for a Republican comeback? The political terrain of the mid-term elections

Phil Gasper • Critical Thinking
The Democrats’ broken promises: Obama’s progressive supporters have been disillusioned in record time


Justin Akers Chácon
The preventable rise of Arizona’s SB 1070

Justin Akers Chácon
Free trade without free people: Politics of the U.S.-Mexico border


Antonis Davanellos
Crisis, austerity, and class struggle in Greece

Toufic Haddad • Interview
The future of the Palestinian movement

Jeffery R. Webber
From rebellion to reform in Bolivia: Image and reality under Evo Morales

The economy

David McNally
The mutating crisis of global capitalism

David Harvey
Explaining the crisis
Interview with the author of The Enigma of Capital


Geoff Bailey
Searching for the new, resurrecting the old
Review of The Coming Insurrection

Jeff Bale
Making sense of modern imperialism
Review of Imperialism and Global Political Economy, by Alex Callinicos

Leela Yellesetty
How the racial caste system got restored   
Review of Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow

plus Nagesh Rao on Marx’s approach to non-Western societies; James Illingworth on Marxism and history; Scott McLemee on Irving Bernstein’s books on workers during the Depression


Tom Wetzel, Sebastian Lamb, and Eric Kerl
Contemporary anarchism: An exchange

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