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Glenn Rikowski

Glenn Rikowski


Insurrectionist Pedagogies and the Pursuit of Dangerous Citizenship

Professor E . Wayne Ross

University of British Columbia

The 6th Annual Mary Hepburn Lecture in Social Studies Education

Department of Educational Theory & Practice, College of Education, University of Georgia

Athens, GA

October 16, 2014


Lamar School of Art

Room S151

Light refreshments served at 5.30.

It is more important than ever for people to understand birthplace, nationality, documents, and platitudes are not enough to fulfil the promises of citizenship— that is, for example, freedom. Freedom and the fulfillment of its virtues are unfinished, an ongoing dynamic struggle. Too often citizenship education implies docile, conforming, spectator behavior and thought.

Contemporary conditions demand an anti-oppressive citizenship education, one that takes seriously social and economic inequalities and oppression that result from neoliberal capitalism. While we can build upon the anti-oppressive possibilities of established, officially sanctioned pedagogies, that is not enough.

This lecture will explore imaginaries that might serve as the basis for the creation of pedagogies of dangerous citizenship. The pedagogical power of dangerous citizenship, resides in its capacity to encourage us to challenge the implications of own work; to envision an education that is free and democratic to the core; and to interrogate and uncover our own well-intentioned complicity in oppressive educational and cultural practices.



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