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Call for Submissions: Information: Interactions and Impact (i³)

Deadline: Friday 18th January 2013

i³ focuses on the quality and effectiveness of the interaction between people and information and how this interaction can bring about change. The conference will look beyond the issues of use and accessibility of technology to questions about the way people interact with the information and knowledge content of today’s systems and services, and how this might ultimately affect the impact of that information on individuals, organisations and communities.

We invite the submission of high quality papers that report original research or critically discuss underlying methodological issues associated with the main themes of the conference. Papers may reflect ongoing or completed research studies and should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. We would particularly welcome papers which address two or more of the following conference themes:

•    The quality and effectiveness of user/information interactions (e.g. information literacy);
•    Patterns of information behaviour in different contexts;
•    Impact of information or information services on people, organisations, communities and society (e.g. social, learning, cultural and economic outcomes of engagement with information); and
•    more effective decision making.

Submissions are invited for:
•    Full papers (40 minutes duration: 35 minutes, 5 minutes for questions);
•    Short papers (15 minutes duration: questions at end of session);and
•    Round table discussions (60-80 minutes duration).

Authors who are accepted to give full papers at i³ are also invited to submit a full paper for consideration by the editorial board of Information Research (  For those papers accepted by Information Research, support for the process of HTML conversion will be provided by the i³ conference team.

Contributors should submit abstracts of 1000 words for Full papers, and 300-500 words for Short Papers and Round Table Discussions. These should be submitted electronically by downloading the online submissions form, located on the Call for Papers section of the website ( This should then be emailed (as an attachment) The conference language will be English.

Submissions will be anonymously reviewed by two members of an international programme committee specialising in one or more of the conference research streams. Notification of acceptance will be emailed to authors and will also include the comments of the reviewers.

Full details of the requirements can be found in the Call for Papers section of the website. The deadline for receipt of abstracts is 18th January 2013.

For any further information please see, or contact the conference team at

Professor Dorothy Williams, i³ Conference Director




‘Human Herbs’ – a new remix and new video by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:


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A Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) in Sussex Event

Thursday 19th May, 4-6pm – University of Brighton

As the web matures and Web 2.0 and social media services become embedded in our everyday lives the information world is entering a new phase. The vast quantities of data being generated by these new services, the challenges posed to traditional publishers and the plethora of new devices such as iPads and smart phones will change the work of information professionals over the coming decade.

This talk, by Dr Martin De Saulles of the University of Brighton, will outline some of the challenges as well as the opportunities for those who work with information. It will be followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion. 

Venue: Watts Building, University of Brighton, Lewes Rd, Brighton BN2 4GJ

Cost: £5 for CILIP members, £10 for non-members

Light refreshments will be available.

To book your place, contact Audrey Marshall by email:


‘I believe in the afterlife.

It starts tomorrow,

When I go to work’

Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Human Herbs’ at: (recording) and (live)

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ISC No.30 is available at and has got the following review in Library Juice:

“There is a new issue of Information for Social Change, on the theme of information ethics. This issue is edited by Mikael Böök. It’s a very international collection of articles, some of them a little odd and all of them interesting.” (

Current Issue
No. 30, Summer 2010 (all in PDF Format, formatted for A4 paper).
Special Issue on ‘Information Ethics’

* Whole Issue (PDF format, file size to download: approx 2 Mb)
Contents and Editorial

* Contents
* Contributors
* Google: An Ethical Corporate Pirate? (Mikael Böök)
* Regarding the Google Interview (comments by Paul Catherall)

Articles, Part 1

* Introduction to the Ethics and Ecology of Reading (Luca Ferrieri )
* Talking About Information Ethics in Higher Education (Toni Samek)
* Ethical Reflections on the 9/11 Controversy (Elizabeth Woodworth)
* Data Absorptents, Data Emitters and Databases in Politics (Amelia Andersdotter)
* On the Closing of the Scientific Library of the Finnish Meteorological Institute (Marke Hongisto)
* Public Lending Right: General Considerations and Controversial Aspects (Marianna Malfatti)

Articles, Part 2

* Introductory Note (Mikael Böök)
* It Takes A Community to Create A Library (Kenneth Williment)
* The US and the European Social Forum: Strategic Challenges for the WSF (Francine Mestrum)

Book Reviews

* Elizabeth A. Buchanan and Kathrine Henderson: Case Studies in Library and Information Science Ethics (reviewed by Mikael Böök)

Mikael Böök * * gsm +358(0)-44 5511 324 * * *

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Ruth Rikowski’s 33rd News Update is now out at:

It includes writing on such topics as:  Douglas Kennedy, Gloucestershire Libraries, Energy Monitors, Managing Information, Critical Pedagogy, Peter McLaren, Marxism, Analytical Philosophy, Capitalism, MERD, The Feminist Library, Information for Social Change, … and much more!

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Information for Social Change


No. 28, Winter 2008/09


The Special Issue on ‘Lifelong Learners’, edited by John Pateman, is now available at:  





Editorial: Radical Bookshops (and Radical Bookshop list) – John Pateman


Changes in Adult and Community Education – Ray Shore


Learning, Learning Communities and Globalisation – Ray Shore


Back to the Future? Lifelong Learning in Libraries – Andrew Hudson


Developing a NEETS based Library Service – John Pateman


Information and Liberation: Writings of the Politics of Information and Librarianship – Shiraz Durrani


Policing Library Users – John Pateman


Quality Leaders Project (Youth) Initiative – Jane Pitcher and Elizabeth Eastwood-Krah



Information for Social Change:



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Information for Social Change – New Issue

Current issue:



Current Issue


No. 27, Summer 2008 (all in PDF Format, formatted for A4 paper).

Special Issue on ‘Radical Bookshops’.

The role of Radical bookshops as information providers, radical publishers, and campaigning centres.

*       Whole Issue (PDF fomat, file size to download: approx 1 Mb

Contents and Editorial

*       Contents

*       Editorial – Radical Bookshops (and Radical Bookshop list) (Martyn Lowe)


*       Zine Libraries and a Directory of Zine Libraries and Infoshops
(Lacey Prpic Hedtke)

*       International Bookstore het Fort van Sjakoo (Rutger van Ree)

*       Housmans Bookshop (Bill Hetherington)

*       Freedom, Freedom Press and Freedom Bookshop (Donald Rooum)

*       All White in the Public Library (John Pateman)

New Methods of Union Organising

A Message from Chris Ford

You are invited to our next scheduled session of Uncaptive Minds series on the 1970s a Decade of Class Struggle which is on union organising methods.  


Organising has been a constant theme in the trade union movement but there has been little discussion about the great achievements in the 1970’s, when a range of new methods of organising saw union membership rise to 13million in 1979.  Since then it has declined to around 7.3 million at which it has stayed since the year 2000.


An important question is why have we not been able to restore our stength and density and what can we learn from the 1970s for today. 


A long standing activists in UNISON, Anton Moctonian is writing a major new critical study of union organising in the 1970s. 


Come along on Monday 13th October to Uncaptive Minds.  The venue is in central London.


Email to register your interest and get more information.


Chris Ford


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