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New from MR Press!
José Carlos Mariátegui
An Anthology

Edited and translated by Harry E. Vanden and Marc Becker

José Carlos Mariátegui is one of Latin America’s most profound but overlooked thinkers. A self-taught journalist, social scientist, and activist from Peru, he was the first to emphasize that those fighting for the revolutionary transformation of society must adapt classical Marxist theory to the particular conditions of Latin America. He also stressed that indigenous peoples must take an active, if not leading, role in any revolutionary struggle.

Today Latin America is the scene of great social upheaval. More progressive governments are in power than ever before, and grassroots movements of indigenous peoples, workers, and peasants are increasingly shaping the political landscape. The time is perfect for a rediscovery of Mariátegui, who is considered an intellectual precursor of today’s struggles in Latin America but virtually unknown in the English-speaking world. This volume collects his essential writings, including many that have never been translated and some that have never been published. The scope of this collection, masterful translation, and thoughtful commentary make it an essential book for scholars of Latin America and all of those fighting for a new world, waiting to be born.

“A fully representative anthology of José Carlos Mariátegui is finally accessible to the English-speaking public…. Discover a thinker who not only was the pioneer of Marxist analysis of Peruand Latin Americabut one of the great universal Marxist authors of the twentieth century.”—Michael Löwy, editor of José Carlos Mariategui’s Por un socialismo indoamericano

“An intelligent and welcomed selection from Mariátegui’s complete works…. His disciplined prose illuminates the ‘real’ with unique and powerful insights of particular relevance for thinking our own current  crisis.”—Sara Castro-Klaren, Professor of Latin American Culture and Literature, The Johns Hopkins University

“Marvelous…. This much-needed volume is a gift, facilitating the international renewal and enrichment of revolutionary Marxism in the twenty-first century.”—Paul LeBlanc, Professor of History, La Roche College; author, From Marx to Gramsci and Marx, Lenin and the Revolutionary Experience

“By far the most comprehensive collection of writings by one of the most creative Marxist thinkers of the twentieth century….Vanden and Becker’s in-depth introductory essay correctly points to the persistent relevance of Mariátegui to a full understanding of current developments in Latin American politics, economies, and societies.”— Carlos M. Vilas, author, Between Earthquakes and Volcanoes and The Sandinista Revolution

“The recent emergence of the governments of the so-called marea rosada or Pink Tide inLatin America makes the publication of this comprehensive anthology of Mariategui’s work especially timely. The book will be an event for English-language readers interested in radical thought comparable to the appearance of the selections from Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks in the early 1970s.”—John Beverley, Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies,University ofPittsburgh

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