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Karl Marx

Karl Marx


Watch / Think / Share – Philosophy for Our Times

Cutting edge debate and talks from the world’s leading thinkers, free for everyone

Includes Why Marx was Right – a video by Terry Eagleton:

“Once the darling of the intelligentsia, Marxism has been out of fashion for at least a couple of decades. Philosopher and critic Terry Eagleton makes the case for Marx’s resurrection, challenging objections and explaining why his thought remains as relevant as ever” (IAI website).

IAI website:



‘Human Herbs’ – a new remix and new video by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

‘The Lamb’ by William Blake – set to music by Victor Rikowski:

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Glenn Rikowski’s paper, Critical Pedagogy and the Constitution of Capitalist Society has been published at Heathwood Press as a Monthly Guest Article for September 2012, online at:


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Lost Generation


Festival of Dangerous Ideas
Saturday, March 17, 10-5pm
Rich Mix, London E1 6LA

The old ideas are bust. Now is the time for the new, the marginalised, the road less travelled… dangerous ideas for dangerous times. 

Join key activists, commentators and cultural figures reflecting on a world in disarray and turmoil.

Bringing the spirit of revolution to Londonare Egyptian MP Nasr-Eddin al-Zoghbi and activist Marwa Farouk of the Socialist Renewal Current, an activist group in Cairo. They will be joined by John Rees, co-author of The People Demand, to discuss how to finish a revolution, and activists from Greece describing what it means to be at the frontline of Europe’s austerity project. BBC Economics editor Paul Mason, and author and recent Question Time panellist Owen Jones join subversive authors and activists Nina Power and Sanum Ghafoor to discuss the radical ideas needed to confront the bleak landscape of austerity Britain. Paul Mason also joins Sanum Ghafoor and Lindsey German to discuss why it’s kicking off everywhere. Situationist adbuster Rob Montgomery, graffiti politician Stik and Palestinian poet Rafeef Ziadah will speak and perform. TV archaeologist Neil Faulkner will be presenting a brief history of the world. Sam Duckworth of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. runs a workshop on the perils of political songwriting. He will perform after Tony Benn and Roy Bailey do their sell out Writing on the Wall show and Mark McGowan brings us the latest thoughts of the Artist Taxi Driver. There will also be live performances from Pandit G of Asian Dub Foundation and Sam Duckworth of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. The Rich Mix bar and club will be serving until 1am.

Festival organiser Clare Solomon describes the day as a ‘’fun-packed and informative day using music, multimedia and a variety of interesting formats including a ‘tweet-out’, Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, lunchtime comedy from Josie Long, a guerrilla film workshop, an exclusive ‘free shop’, live graffiti walls and much more…”

Book now online or phone 0207 613 7498 as tickets are selling fast and space is limited. Tickets are £10/£5 concessions:

The event is organised jointly by Counterfire, ISG, Verso and the Rich Mix.


Cold Hands & Quarter Moon, ‘Stagnant’ at: (recording) and (live, at the Belle View pub, Bangor, north Wales)  

‘Human Herbs’ – a new remix and new video by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:

‘Stagnant’ – a new remix and new video by Cold Hands & Quarter Moon:  

‘Cheerful Sin’ – a song by Victor Rikowski:


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“What is the Radical Imagination?” a special issue (4.2) of Affinities: Journal of Radical Theory, Culture and Action

Edited by Max Haiven and Alex Khasnabish

Read and download for free at:


Launch party: joint launch with Upping the Anti #11,  January 15, 2011, 8:30pm, Toronto Free Gallery, 1277 Bloor St. W (at Landsdown).  $5 cover, $10 includes a copy of UTA11.  Details here.  In conjunction with the North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference.

Table of contents:

Max Haiven, Alex Khasnabish: “What is the radical imagination? A Special Issue”


Interventions: Struggles
Franco BIFO Berardi: “Precariousness, Catastrophe and Challenging the Blackmail of the Imagination”


Taiaiake Alfred: “What is Radical Imagination? Indigenous Struggles in Canada”

Julie E. Dowsett: “Commodity Feminism and the Unilever Corporation: Or, How the Corporate Imagination Appropriates Feminism”

Phanuel Antwi and Amber Dean: “Unfixing Imaginings of the City: Art, Gentrification, and Cultures of Surveillance”


Interventions: Provocations
Larissa Lai: “Other Presents: Imagining the Human and Beyond”

Justin Paulson

“The Uneven Development of Radical Imagination”

Chris Churchill

“A Radical and Elitist Imagination? Political Paternities and Alternatives in the History of Ideas”

Petra Rethmann

“A few notes on the question, what is radical imagination?”

Randy Martin

“Dancing Through the Crisis”


Interventions: Openings

Allan Antliff: “Anarchist Imaginaries”

Judy Rebick: “Re-Imagining Revolution”

Patrick Reinsborough: “Giant Whispers: Narrative Power, Radical Imagination and a Future Worth Fighting For…”

Glen Coulthard: “Place against Empire: Understanding Indigenous Anti-Colonialism”


Peer Reviewed Articles
Rachel Elaine Strasinger

“Beyond Protest: Radical Imagination and the Global Justice Movement”

Terry Maley

“Participatory Budgeting and the Radical Imagination: In Europe but not in Canada?”

Michael Truscello

“The Disruptive Time of the Gift: (Radical) Imagination at Work in Free and Open Source Software”


Read and download for free at:


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V40: Celebrating Forty Years of Radical Publishing

In association with The Indypendent

Friday September 24th, 7pm to 1am

The Old American Can Factory

232 3rd Street (at 3rd Avenue)

Brooklyn, NY 11215

Free entry and bar < 9pm

$10 w/ free copy of The Verso Book of Dissent > 9pm

Music by Chris Annibell of Afrokinetic

Wine by Gnarly Vines / Beer by Brooklyn Brewery 

RSVP: / 718-246-8160

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European Philosophy



Dear all

Further to my last message, about the closure of Philosophy at Middlesex: all of us who teach philosophy at Middlesex have been overwhelmed by the tremendous outpouring of support from students and staff at other universities that we’ve received in the last 24 hours. Middlesex students are mobilising quickly, and we will meeting tomorrow and in the coming days to discuss how best to organise a forceful campaign to save Philosophy at Middlesex, and more importantly, to protect other vulnerable departments in similar situations both at Middlesex and in universities across the UK. 

I promise to keep future messages about this to a minimum, but here are a few more bits of information:

There’s now a petition to save Philosophy at Middlesex, at:

Middlesex Philosophy students have set up a Facebook page at: (3600+ members in the first day).

Nina Power, who graduated with a PhD in Philosophy from Middlesex a couple of years ago, has a Guardian comment piece on the closure, at:

We will be posting new information about the campaign on our temporary blog, at, and hope to replace this soon with a campaign website. 

If you haven’t yet written to the people behind this decision, they are: 

Vice-Chancellor of the University, Michael Driscoll,;

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise, Waqar Ahmad,;

Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, Margaret House,

Dean of the School of Arts & Education, Ed Esche,

The full set of emails is then:;

This fight is only just beginning,

Yours in solidarity,

Posted here by Glenn Rikowski

The Flow of Ideas: