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2013 will see significant growth for the Historical Materialism Book Series, with substantial and ground-breaking books in all areas of Marxist theory. The aim of the series is to publish important theoretical contributions as the basis for vigorous intellectual debate and exchange on the left. We are convinced that, in a time of capitalist crisis and resurgent interest in critical Marxist ideas, a project of this kind can make an important contribution to the revitalisation of critical politics and intellectual culture.

The peer-reviewed series publishes original monographs, translated texts and reprints of ‘classics’ across the bounds of academic disciplinary agendas, and across the divisions of the left. The series is particularly concerned to encourage the internationalisation of Marxist debate, and aims to translate significant studies from beyond the English speaking world. We have previously published important studies of Marxist thinkers, key collections of sources from the socialist movement, works of philosophy, history and literary criticism, as well as political and economic studies.

Future publication plans include texts in the fields of cultural and aesthetic theory, sociology and geography. We are also preparing ambitious multi-volume collections of the works of Marxists as diverse as György Lukács, Ernst Bloch, Yevgeni Preobrazhensky, Isaac Illich Rubin, Andreu Nin, Alexander Bogdanov, and Roman Rosdolsky – too long unavailable in English – as well as new translations of texts by Marx and Trotsky. Please contact us if you would be interested in collaborating in such projects.

Each of our titles appears first in hardback edition with Brill ( and twelve months later in paperback through Haymarket. Receive all titles in the HM Book Series through the Haymarket Book Club add-on, from just $20/month: see for details. The Haymarket Book Club offers many other discounted titles of interest to HM readers – see

This year also sees Historical Materialism embark upon an exciting new partnership with Aakar Books, who will be publishing some among our most popular titles in economic format for the South Asian market. See here for a list of planned volumes, or email for more details.

Below appears a list of some of the upcoming titles from the Historical Materialism Book Series:


György Lukács – The Culture of People’s Democracy: Hungarian Essays on Literature, Art, and Democratic Transition, 1945–1948, edited by Tyrus Miller. This is the first in a planned 21 volume Lukács Library, which will include many previously untranslated texts. Due March 2013.

Lise Vogel – Marxism and the Oppression of Women: Toward A Unitary Theory. New edition of Vogel’s classic 1983 text, with an introduction by Sue Ferguson and David McNally. Due April 2013.

Marxism and Social Movements, edited by Colin Barker, Laurence Cox, John Krinsky and Alf Gunvald Nilsen. Due June 2013.

Michael Zmolek –Rethinking the Industrial Revolution, due June 2013.

Richard B. Day (ed.) – The Preobrazhensky Papers, Vol. I, 1917 –1920.
José Aricó – Marxism and Latin America
Amadeo Bordiga – Selected Writings

Alex Levant and Vesa Oittinen (eds.) – Dialectics of the Ideal: Evald Ilyenkov and Creative Soviet Marxism

Riccardo Bellofiore, Guido Starosta and Peter D Thomas (eds.) – In Marx’s Laboratory. Critical Interpretations of the ‘Grundrisse’

Jack Bloom – Seeing Through the Eyes of the Polish Revolution
Bryan D Palmer – Revolutionary Teamsters
Pelai Pagès – Revolution in Spain
Wade Matthews – International of the Imagination. The New Left, National Identity and the Break-Up of Britain

Álvaro García Linera – Plebeian Power

Roland Boer – In the Vale of Tears: Marxism and Theology Vol. V
Marcel van der Linden and Karl Heinz Roth (eds.) – Beyond Marx
Karl Korsch – Karl Marx
Stavros Tombazos – Time and Capital
Philippe Bourrinet – The Dutch and German Communist Left

Gregor Benton – Chinese Trotskyism

Christoph Henning – Philosophy after Marx
Alessandro Carlucci – Gramsci and Linguistics
Marcos del Roio – Gramsci and the United Front
Jan Rehmann – Ideology Theory

Roberto Finelli – A Failed Parricide

We are sure that you will agree that our Marxist publishing project is a necessary and timely one, and we invite your participation in the Historical Materialism Book Series. Indeed, as well as looking forward to publishing the above books and over a hundred other texts planned for coming years, we are always interested in suggested titles in all areas of Marxist theory. Please see here for details on how to make a proposal, or email the editors at

Since we are not a commercial operation, we also welcome the financial support of our readers and sympathisers, helping us further to expand our work. We welcome sponsorships of individual titles (particularly translations), donations to the series, and regular contributions via standing orders.

Please contact us at to discuss how you can help.

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