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Karl Marx

Karl Marx


From Chris O’Kane:

Ingo Elbe’s Marx im Westen is the authoritative theoretical history of West German Marxist Theory providing a brilliant and lucid account of the intricacies of the debates over Marx’s theory of Value, the State Derivation debate and Revolutionary Theory. The work is therefore essential for understanding the work of German theorists who have been translated in the Anglophone world such as Michael Heinrich and Heide Gerstenberger as well as the influence these debates had on the Anglophone work of the CSE, Open Marxism, Value-Form Theory and Political Marxism.

Unfortunately, such authority also comes at a price: the book’s length has prohibited any press from being able to translate it. This is why I am soliciting volunteers to translate selections from Marx im Westen in order to make it available to the English reading public.

Those willing and able to contribute to such a project please contact:

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