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Discussion/Signing with Dr. Dennis Broe

Monday, Nov 7 @ 7:00 pm
The Harvard Coop
1400 Massachusetts Ave

Selected as a Choice Outstanding Academic Title

“Broe has broken new ground in the interpretation of cinema itself. With this book film noir has found its most astute and informed critic.” – Gerald Horne, author of Class Struggle in Hollywood 1930-50 and The Final Victim of the Blacklist: John Howard Lawson, Dean of the Hollywood Ten

This award-winning book argues for the central importance of class in the creation of film noir and demonstrates how the form itself came to fruition during one of the most active periods of working-class agitation and middle-class antagonism towards corporate power in American history. Broe expands his analysis of how the classical period of film noir is connected to labor history to include an investigation first of the social and cinematic roots of the Cold War and then, in a coda, of the relationship of noir to the ethos and culture of terrorism in post 9/11 America. This study of a time when labor displayed its power and found its cinematic equivalent on the Hollywood screen is more relevant than ever as organized labor joins the Occupy Movement in fighting for the rights of the 99%.

“Broe’s theory forces the reader to review film noir in a new and provocative light” –Book News


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