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Bonuses for Some


Just Out!

New Interventions, Volume 13, No 4

* Theodor Bergmann, The Tragedy of Paul Levi — A look at the life and works of the noted German Marxist

* Mike Jones and Alistair Mitchell, Isaac Deutscher — A critical appraisal of Trotsky’s biographer

* Chris Gray, The Heritage We Find Indefensible and the Myth of ‘Pabloism’ — Orthodox Trotskyism, the Pabloite bogey and the dangers of vanguardism

* Harry Ratner, Capturing the Capitalist Citadel — Reform, revolution and the capitalist state

* Arthur Trusscott, Ten Years On — Did al Qaeda change everything on 11 September 2001?

* Terry Liddle, War on the Heavens — The rise of the ‘New Atheism’ and its meaning for socialists

* Andrew Coates, The Flight of the Intellectuals? — A look at Paul Berman’s writings on Islam and Western intellectuals

* Mike Jones, Kosovo: The Successful Intervention? — The rise of the gangster-state in Kosovo

* Paul Flewers, Porterhouse Bloomsbury? — What does the New College of the Humanities offer?

* Mike Belbin, The Lone Crusader and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice — Anders Behring Breivik and his theoretical influences

* Reports from the USA — how to resist and reverse the attacks on the working class

* Reviews — Second World War fiction

* Letters — Stalinism and Revolution

* Afterword — Arthur Trusscott, Riots: Fish Rot From the Head

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Socialism and Hope


New Interventions

New Interventions is a socialist magazine, independent of any party and of any left group. Our aim is to provide an open forum for all shades of radical left opinion. We believe that dialogue and discussion are particularly important at this time because of the collapse of the Soviet Union and official communist parties throughout the world, the increasing moves to the right of social democratic parties, and the sectarianism and bureaucratic centralism of left groups.

The latest issue of New Interventions (Volume 13, no 3) is now available.


* Mike Belbin, Gone For a Soldier: The Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday

* Mike Jones, The British People Decide: But What?: The Con-Lib coalition and the Labour leadership competition

* Pat Byrne, A New Approach to Europe: How the left should deal with Europe

* Tikva Honig-Parnass, The Limitations of Post-Zionism: Disregarding the Palestinian national question

* Carré Rouge, Thinking About Communism: The relevance of communism in the twenty-first century

* Harry Ratner, Comments on ‘Thinking About Communism’: How might the left approach today’s problems?

* JJ Plant, Francisco Ferrer (1859-1909): Remembering the revolutionary educator

* Paul Flewers, Hitched On His Own Petard: Christopher Hitchens gets it wrong about Animal Farm

* Tawney’s Wit and Wisdom: Some political quips from Richard Henry Tawney

* Chris Gray, Second Glance: Looking at Robert Paxton’s analysis of fascism

* Graham Milner, Rudyard Kipling and British Imperialism: Assessing one of Britain’s major poets

* Reviews — The Invention of the Jewish People

* Letters — Stalinism and Revolution; Yugoslavia

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