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Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake


An upcoming symposium in November 2009 at Uppsala University

“Counter Natures” is a major interdisciplinary symposium featuring papers by 30 researchers from 10 countries collectively representing more than a dozen academic disciplines. The symposium seeks to initiate a fruitful series of cross-disciplinary conversations that may help to suggest renewed or innovative theorizations of nature, the most abiding motif of art and literature and the most fundamental of scientific and philosophical concepts.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Lawrence Buell (Harvard
University), Ursula Heise (Stanford University), David Nye (University
of Southern Denmark, Odense) and Sverker Sörlin (KTH: The Royal
Institute of Technology).

Here’s a link to the official symposium website:

Steven Hartman
Research Fellow in American Literature
Department of English
Uppsala University
Box 527
751 20 Uppsala
Tel.: +46-(0)18 471 12 61
Fax: +46-(0)18 471 12 29

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The Commoner

New Issue


The Commoner, No.13 – Winter 2009 – ‘There’s an Energy Crisis (among others) in the Air …





Kolya Abramsky and Massimo De Angelis: Introduction: Energy Crisis (among others) is in the Air


Tom Keefer: Fossil Fuels, Capitalism, and Class Struggle


Kolya Abramsky: Energy and Labor in the World Economy


Evo Morales: Open Letter on Climate Change: “Save the Planet from Capitalism”


George Caffentzis: A Discourse on Prophetic Method: Oil Crises and Political Economy, Past and Future


Ewa Jasiewicz: Iraqi Oil Workers’ Movements: Spaces of Transformation and Transition


Patrick Bond: The Global Carbon Trade Debate: For or Against the Privatisation of the Air?


Ariel Salleh: Climate Change, Social Change – and the ‘Other Footprint’


Shannon Walsh: The Smell of Money: Alberta’s Tar Sands


Jane Kruse and Preben Maegaard: An Authentic Story about how a Local Community became Self-sufficient in Pollution Free Energy and Created a Source of Income for Citizens


TRAPESE Collective: The Rocky Road to a Real Transition: The Transition Towns Movement and What it Means for Social Change


Monica Vargas Collazos: The Ecological Debt of Agro-fuels


Tatiana Roa Avendano and Jessica Toloza: Dynamics of a Songful Resistance


Sergio Oceransky: Wind Conflicts in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec – The Role of Ownership and Decision-Making Models in Indigenous Resistance to Wind Projects in Southern Mexico


Jane Kruse: The End of One Danish Windmill Co-operative


Plus videos …



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