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Antonio Gramsci


FESATODER (aka. The Association of Philosophy and Social Researches, is setting out an international meeting in commemoration of Antonio Gramcsi’s 120nd year of birth at Büyükada-İstanbul as our 3rd annual philosophy meeting. For further information please visit our site.

Religion, Civil Society and Political Society in Gramsci

Gramsci Conference 7.10.-8.10.2011 in Istanbul, Büyükada

In the last decades, Gramsci’s work has become a central point of reference for critical philosophical and social-theoretical debates. His Prison Notebooks have been translated into many languages and some of his key concepts have been decisively influential for the analysis of social development under the conditions of restructured neoliberal capitalism. Among these are concepts such as those of the integral state, civil society, hegemony and leadership, the intellectuals, an historical bloc, his critical understanding of culture and Marxism as a philosophy of praxis.

Turkish society has also been studied in a series of research projects inspired by Gramsci’s perspectives, stimulating new approaches of emancipatory politics. Turkey is of particular interest because it is a semi-peripheral state between the south-eastern border of the European Union and the nations and states of the Middle East. Given the long tradition of the Ottoman Empire, the secularisation that occurred following 1923, authoritarian parliamentarian democracy and the recently renewed role of different currents of Islam in Turkish politics, it is worthwhile considering to what extent Gramsci’s perspectives on the state and civil society, his distinction between east and west, his notion of the philosophy of praxis and particularly his reflections on the meaning of religion can be useful for analysing the Turkish reality.

Prof. Dr. Alex Demirović (Technical University Berlin; Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung; editor of Prokla)

Prof. Dr. Sinan Özbek (Kocaeli University; editor of Felsefelogos)

Dr. Peter D. Thomas (Brunel University; editor of Historical Materialism: research in critical Marxist theory).


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