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Philosophy and Romanticism

Philosophy and Romanticism


UNSW Australia and the University of Sydney
12-14 March, 2014

The last two decades can be described as witness to a genuine revival of interest in German romantic and idealist philosophy. Philosophers working in a variety of areas have embraced the ideas of the romantics and idealists, disentangling them from false or misunderstood legacies, and reexamining them in light of contemporary debates. This conference aims to advance this significant historical and philosophical research, by investigating the two most central themes in German idealist and romantic philosophy: nature and culture and their interdependence.

Precisely because of the interdisciplinary character of romanticism and idealism, the conference approaches the two movements from a number of related angles. In the first instance, the goal is to consider how various thinkers from the romantic era conceived nature and culture, and sought to harmonize the sphere of the natural sciences (Naturwissenschaften) and the sphere of the humanities (Geisteswissenschaften), which, only some fifty years later, became fully separated. In addition, the conference seeks to investigate the interdisciplinary conception of “Geist” developed during that time, which today can be translated into “mind” as well as its various externalizations as “society,” “arts,” “institutions,” and “culture.” In these two ways, the conference will explore the uniqueness of the romantic and idealist views, and consider their potential significance for contemporary debates.

Conference organisers:
Heikki Ikäheimo (UNSW),
Dalia Nassar (Sydney) and
Paul Redding (Sydney)
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Conference sponsored by the Sydney Intellectual History Network (SIHN) at the University of Sydney and the Faculty of Arts and Social Science and the School of Humanities and Languages at UNSW Australia.

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Registrations close 7 March 2014
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The German Philosophy Seminar at the IGRS will host a guest lecture by Laurence Hemming on Monday, 31 October from 16:00-18:00:

Beside Myself with Indignation: Hegel, Marx and Heidegger on Alienation

Marx’s understanding of alienation has increasingly become a key not only for understanding his own work, but also for certain self-presentations of the work of the social sciences overall. Although there have been a number of important investigations of Marx’s use of the terms ‘Entfremdung’ and ‘Entäußerung’, acknowledging Marx’s indebtedness to Hegel, I argue that insufficient attention has been paid to how exactly Marx took over Hegel’s central metaphysical thought. This lecture re-examines Hegel’s influence on Marx, by asking again what Marx and Hegel meant by alienation, and asking how Marx concretised and revolutionised Hegel’s term as a central understanding of the meaning of transcendence, by returning to other interpreters of Hegel, notably Heidegger, to shed new light on Marx’s use of Hegel’s terms.

Venue: Room STB 5, Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, University of London: (

All are welcome to attend.

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Johan Siebers
Convenor, German Philosophy Seminar


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