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CALL FOR PAPERS for a Special issue of FORUM: for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education

Fixed Ability’ Thinking, and Ability-based Practices in English Schools

This Special Issue of FORUM ( will re-examine the enduring problem of ‘fixed-ability’ thinking, and ability-based practices in English schools. FORUM board members are increasingly concerned about the way the language of ‘ability’ pervades current thinking about teaching and learning, and the proliferation of divisive approaches to curriculum, assessment and the grouping of children and young people.

It is time to revisit and strengthen our professional understanding of the deep and lasting educational damage caused by ‘fixed-ability’ thinking and practices. We invite readers to contribute compelling accounts of alternative approaches to teaching and learning, free from determinist assumptions about ‘ability’ and from the belief that there are knowable and predictable limits to each child’s learning capacity.

We hope to publish this Special Issue as the first number of 2013, so ask that all final contributions (3000-6000 words) be received no later than 14 December 2012.

Those wishing to contribute should in the first instance contact Mary Jane Drummond:


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