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The European left gathers in London to debate responses to the economic crisis in Europe
Europe Against Austerity Conference
1st October, 10am-5pm, Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, London WC1H 9AU

In the last two years Europe has seen waves of strikes, mass demonstrations, student radicalizations, civil disobedience and even riots in response to government austerity policies.

Struggles have broken out against cuts to pensions and raises in the retirement age, increased post-school education charges, reduced welfare payments, privatisations and falling living standards.

Is there an alternative to cuts and privatisation? What does the left say to the crisis of the Eurozone? What were the fundamental economic causes of the ‘great recession’ and does the left have a different way out? Is the European left as nationally fractured as its governments increasingly are?

This conference brings together the main left political, trade union and campaigning forces across Europe in the widest such forum since the meetings of the European Social Forum.

It will be an unparalleled opportunity to hear what the alternative voice from across Europe from West to East, South to North.

Speakers will include representatives of Die Linke (the German Left Party), the European Left Party  (, Partie de Gauche (the French Left Party), Sinn Fein, the European 
Attac network, ( and anti-austerity campaigns and left parties from Denmark, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Eastern Europe joining British trade unionists (including Len McCLusky general secretary of Unite), and Jeremy Corbyn MP.

The conference is now a free-standing European-wide initiative with support across the EU and beyond. For a full list of current supporters see here:

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