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By Mark Naison
With a Brooklyn Accent via Alternet

March 23, 2012 – This is a strange time to be involved in education. Either those shaping education policy on the state and federal level — many of whom have never been teachers — are incapable of imagining the consequences of their policies in actual classrooms, or they are cynically trying to destroy public education in the United States.

No better example of this is the now widely practiced policy of rating teachers based on student test scores, and using variations in those scores, through the “value added” formula, as the basis for determining teachers professional standing. All throughout the nation teachers are being told that if they don’t raise student test scores, they could lose their tenure, lose their jobs, and in some places be publicly humiliated as an “incompetent teachers.” If they work in a high poverty school, their school could be closed and their entire teaching staff fired.

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