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Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)

Date – Tuesday 4th March 2014: 11.30 – 15.30

Venue – SRHE, 73 Collier Street, LondonN1 9BE

Network – International Research and Researchers Network Seminar

One way or another, China is taking the international HE sector by storm; its ambition is to lead the world’s knowledge economy within the next 4 decades. Chinese students are migrating to overseas universities in their thousands and constitute a significant proportion of the UK’s HE student body. Focusing on the experiences and perceptions of Chinese students both in their native country and in the UK, this seminar uncovers contentious issues relating to the nature and quality of HE that these students experience.


Trends in participation and attainment of Chinese students in UK higher education
Professor Cristina Iannelli, University of Edinburgh

Chinese students represent the largest constituency of the non-EU student population studying in UK higher education institutions: a constituency that has increased in the last decade from about 4,000 (in 1998-9) to almost 84,000 in 2012-3. This paper reports the findings of research which analysed patterns of participation and attainment of Chinese students over time and discusses explanations for these patterns, and implications for HE policy and practice.


Social justice and higher education in China
Drs Bin Wu and Bernadette Robinson, University of Nottingham

The increasing income gaps and social inequality which have emerged from China’s rapid development raise issues of social justice for its HE sector, as universities face challenges in ensuring equal opportunity and equitable distribution of financial support to students from all social groups. This paper examines findings from a questionnaire survey that gathered the views and perspectives on social justice-related issues of 1,547 students at six universities in the western province of Shaanxi in 2011. It addresses questions such as: do rural and urban students have equal access to university? How far does poverty affect student access to and experience of higher education? Do students regard government financial support as adequate and fairly distributed? The implications for social justice and the policies needed to achieve it are considered in the light of these findings.


Organisational culture and teaching innovation in higher education in China
Professor Chang Zhu, Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium
This paper presents findings from research carried out in six Chinese universities on teachers’ and students’ perceptions of organisational culture, and their views about and reactions to teaching innovations such as student-centred learning, collaborative learning and the use of innovative educational technologies. Involving 1,051 students and teachers, the study reveals a great need for innovation in Chinese higher education.


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Education and Scenarios for a Post-Occidental World

Michael A. Peters & Michael Baker. Introduction. Education and Scenarios for a Post-Occidental World

Michael Baker. Modernity/Coloniality and Eurocentric Education: towards a post-Occidental self-understanding of the present

Michael A. Peters. Postmodern Educational Capitalism, Global Information Systems and New Media Networks

Michael Baker & Michael A. Peters. Dialogue on Modernity and Modern Education in Dispute

Peter Murphy. Culture, Power, and the University in the Twenty-First Century

Jan Nederveen Pieterse & Michael A. Peters. Understanding the Sources of Anti-Westernism: a dialogue between Jan Nederveen Pieterse and Michael A. Peters

Hüseyin Esen (Editor) Alejandra Sanchez, Daniel Araya, Drea Gallaga, Fungai Kanogoiwa, Hüseyin Esen, James Geary, Keecheng Choe, Khan Grogan Ullah, Lisa Carbajo, Margaret Fitzpatrick, Mercedes Pour-Previti, Michael A. Peters, Mousumi Mukherjee, Rodrigo Britez. A Post-Occidental Globe?


Andrew Kipnis. Chinese Nation-Building and the Rethinking of Globalization and Education

Mousumi Mukherjee. US Study Abroad from the Periphery to the Center of the Global Curriculum in the Information Age

Philippa Hunter. Using Vignettes as Self-reflexivity in Narrative Research of Problematised History Pedagogy

Pamela Esprívalo Harrell & Colleen McLean Eddy. Examining Mathematics Teacher Content Knowledge: policy and practice

Michael A. Peters & Tina (A.C.) Besley. The Narrative Turn and the Poetics of Resistance: towards a new language for critical educational studies

Being Young and Muslim: new cultural politics in the global South and North (Linda Herrera & Asef Bayat, Eds), reviewed by Peter Mayo
Education as Dialogue: its prerequisites and its enemies (Tasos Kazepides), reviewed by Adrienne N.P. Johnson
Ethnography and Language Policy (Teresa L. McCarty, Ed.), reviewed by Kristen L. Pratt

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Glenn Rikowski and Ruth Rikowski have a number of articles in Policy Futures in Education. These include:

Rikowski, Ruth (2003) Value – the Life Blood of Capitalism: knowledge is the current key, Policy Futures in Education, Vol.1 No.1, pp.160-178:

Rikowski, Glenn (2004) Marx and the Education of the Future, Policy Futures in Education, Vol.2 Nos. 3 & 4, pp.565-577, online at:

Rikowski, Ruth (2006) A Marxist Analysis of the World Trade Organisation’s Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, Policy Futures in Education, Vol.4 No.4:

Rikowski, Ruth (2008) Review Essay: ‘On Marx: An introduction to the revolutionary intellect of Karl Marx’, by Paula Allman, Policy Futures in Education,Vol.6 No.5, pp.653-661:

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JCEPS 8(1), AUGUST 2010

Table of Contents

1. Re-thinking normative democracy and the political economy of education. Paul R. Carr, Lakehead University (Orillia), Ontario, Canada

2. Neoliberal Ideology and Public Higher Education in the United States. Daniel B. Saunders, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

3. Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing? a reply to Dave Hill’s ‘Race and Class in Britain: a critique of the statistical basis for critical race theory in Britain’. David Gillborn, Institute of Education, University of London, England

4. The New Assimilationism: The Push for Patriotic Education in the United States Since September 11. Liz Jackson, Educational Policies Consultant, Republic of South Africa

5. Neo-Liberalism and the evolvement of China’s education policies on migrant children’s schooling. Jie Dong, Tilburg University, the Netherlands

6. Freire: Informal Education as Protest. Susanne Butte, Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

7. Some Social Consequences of Faith-based Schooling: A Comparative Study of Denominational Secondary Education in Thanet and Lille. Paul J. Welsh, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, Kent, UK

8. Access for Whom, Access to What? The Role of the “Disadvantaged Student” Market in the Rise of For-profit Higher Education in the United States. Bonnie K. Fox Garrity, Mark J. Garrison, and Roger C. Fiedler, D’Youville College, Buffalo, New York, USA

9. “Why Does Wearing A Yellow Bib Make Us Different”?: A Case Study of Explaining Discrimination in a West of Scotland Secondary (High) School. Henry Maitles, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland and Erin McKelvie, Classroom teacher, Glasgow City Council, Glasgow, Scotland

10. Manufacturing (il)literacy in Alberta’s classrooms: The case of an oil-dependent state. Albert Hodgkins, University of Alberta, Canada

11.  ‘Media Mediators’: Advocating an Alternate Paradigm for Critical Adult Education ICT Policy. Karim A. Remtulla, Ontario Institute of Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

12. Schooling Ugandan Girls: a policy historiography. Mary Kabesiime, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

13. Transformation of the Turkish Vocational Training System: Capitalization, Modularization and Learning Unto Death. Ergin Bulut, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Illinois, USA

14. Alternative State Formation in Colonial Hong Kong: Patriotic Schools, 1946-1976. Lau Chui Shan, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China

15. American Education Discourse: Language, Values, and U.S. Federal Policy. Chad Becker, Indiana State University, Indiana, USA

16. Book Review Symposium: Peters, Michael, Lankshear, Colin, and Olssen, Mark. (2003). Critical Theory and the Human Condition: Founders and Praxis. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Gabriela Walker, Alexander Rakochy, Margaret Fitzpatrick, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA; Colegio Roosevelt – The American School of Lima, Peru

17. Book Review Symposium: Kahn, Richard (2010).  Critical Literacy, Ecopedagogy, and Planetary Crisis.  New York: Peter Lang. Samuel Day Fassbinder, Greg William Misiaszek, Jorunn Thordarson, DeVry University, Illinois, USA; University of California, Los Angeles, USA; University of North


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