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Educating from Marx

Educating from Marx



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An international peer-reviewed journal
3 issues per annum
ISSN 1750-8487 (print)   1750-8495 (online)
Published by Routledge

Critical Studies in Education is one of the few international journals solely devoted to a critical sociology of education. Two questions frame the journal’s critical approach to research: (1) whose interests are served by current social arrangements in education and, (2) from the standpoint of the least advantaged, what can be done about inequitable arrangements? Informed by this approach, articles published in the journal draw on post-structural, feminist, postcolonial and other critical orientations to critique education systems and to identify alternatives for education policy, practice and research.

The journal welcomes submissions of the highest quality and importance, which make original theoretical and/or empirical contributions, and are aimed at moving the field forward. Submissions may be focused on education policy and/or practice (including pedagogy) across formal education contexts (e.g. schooling, vocational and further education, higher education) as well as informal settings (e.g. television, communities, the internet). Submissions typically focus on power relations associated with gender, class (/poverty), ethnicity and the reproduction of disadvantage.

While submissions that meet this general brief are most welcome, we are also seeking papers in line with the following theme:


Increasingly, education is being reduced to what can be measured, often in quantitative terms that do not adequately capture all there is to education and which are then used to compare students, institutions and nations. At the same time, we live in a world that is becoming increasingly complex where these accounting systems do not seem adequate. In this context, how can we create spaces for different imaginations for education? How can we create opportunities for education to be different?

Articles addressing the following topics are especially welcome:
•    How can education researchers contribute to what counts as evidence in contexts of policy and practice?
•    What kind of education research do we need to respond to the pressing issues of our times, such as climate change, terror and financial crises?

Manuscripts can be submitted to Critical Studies in Education online by visiting:

For more information and a sample copy of the journal, please visit our website at:

Professor Trevor Gale | Editor in Chief
Critical Studies in Education Editorial Office




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Lost Generation


DPR10: Discourse, Power, Resistance Conference 2011


University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, 13-15 April 2011
Sponsored by the School of Secondary and Further Education Studies

Official DPR Conference Website:

The DPR conference returns to Plymouth in its tenth year, bringing together learners, teachers, researchers and policy-makers from the international education community to look at the crises in contemporary education, not just at post-compulsory level but across the board from pre-school to post-graduate. The need for change in education has never been more urgent. The conference will bring colleagues from around the world to think radically about education changing, and needing to change.

The conference will be divided into 7 streams:

– What is the point of education?
– Anticipative education: policy and practice
– Education in a funding crisis
– Widening participation: for real
– Education across the boundaries of faith: challenging fear and hatred
– The future of post-compulsory education: the internet and 
   the role of the university
– DPR: open

The DPR conference is a site for the radical critique of discourse, power and resistance within and beyond the discipline of education, looking at concerns which are currently troubling learners, teachers and researchers engaged at all stages from pre-school to postgraduate. The conference looks more widely at the impact on education of powerful interests in and behind the policy-making apparatus as they exert their influence to reshape the goals and ethos of learning, teaching and research. DPR transgresses inter-disciplinary boundaries, attracting scholars from across the humanities and social sciences. A continuing concern of the conference is the contested issue of research methodology and the related issues of the problem of knowledge.

The conference has an international reputation, drawing delegates from a wide range of the developed and developing nations and attracting world-class keynote speakers.

The DPR journal, Power and Education (, was launched in 2009.

For full information, including a Call for Papers and registration details, please visit the conference website:

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