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The Old Economics

The Old Economics


University of Manchester, UK


The Post-Crash Economics Society is determined to try and expand the range of economic theories taught to undergraduates. Following the 2008 recession we, like many people around the globe, feel that the economics taught cannot explain the world we live in, and so believe it is necessary to start looking at the alternatives. In February 2012, The Bank of England ran a conference subtitled ‘Are Graduate Economists Fit for Purpose?’ This society is about making sure economics graduates from the University of Manchester are fit for purpose and that we are able to explain how economics relates to the real world. If we can do this then we will be more employable, more competent and more confident that we can use what we learn in economics in our lives.

Our group does everything from organising events with dissenting economists, to trying to convince the University of Manchester’s economics department that they should change the syllabus. We want more critical theory and reflection to be included, because at the moment economics students are just told to accept a long list of supposedly self-evident truths, instead of being encouraged to truly understand the discipline.If you are also getting frustrated by the same old economics lectures, or just want to learn more about heterodox economics, then come along to one of our events and get involved!

Note – this society is not just for students studying purely economics. Those who are doing a joint honours including economics, or even those who do a totally different degree but still have a passion to understand these issues, are encouraged to get involved. For instance, if you wish to learn more about economic theory, why not come along to one of our self-education groups, where we meet and discuss some of the big questions within the discipline.

Statement of Aims

We are The Post-Crash Economics Society and we are a group of economics students at The University of Manchester who believe that the content of the economics syllabus and the way it is taught could and should be seriously rethought.

We were inspired to start this society when we heard about a Bank of England Conference called ‘Are Economics Graduates Fit for Purpose?’ At this event leading economists from the public and private sphere came together to discuss whether economics undergraduates were being taught the right things in the light of the 2008 Financial Crisis. This chimed with some of our frustrations about the economics we were learning and so we decided to set up a society that would through doing research, organising events and running workshops seek to bring this discussion to Manchester. That was at the start of the 2012/13 academic year.

As of today we have a fully-fledged society, a book club, an incredibly successful launch event lead by world class economists, many student and academic supporters, a petition that is constantly gaining signatures, links with a national network of economic societies and organisation and even more passion and determination to change the current state of economic education!

However, this is just the start. We will ensure that this society will become a permanent fixture on the Manchester economics landscape in the years to come, forever seeking to provoke discussion between students and staff about what economics is, what it should be and how it should be taught.

Society Constitution

1) The Post-Crash Economics Society has been set up to try and broaden the range of perspectives and the teaching methods used by the Manchester Economics Department.

2) We will run a campaign to build student support and engage in dialogue with the economics department.

3) We will run events, workshops and other activities.

4) We aim to be a society that is accessible to all students and staff with an interest in economics whatever their economic and political beliefs.


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