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EDITION ONE of The Paper is now available: to download the PDF

In this issue:

– Too much news in the world? Let’s make some more

– Strike Together, March Together 

– Den Plirono – I won’t pay!

– Lines in the campus sand: lecturers across picket lines

– Fear that Stops Thinking

– Fear and precarity

– In the Bosom of Fear

– Wisconsin: The Struggle Against 21st Century Wage Slavery

– A revolution against neo-liberalism 

– An end to the occupation 

– Re:Generation

– The Marquis de Sade in London

– What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?

– DIY Guide No. 3: Shall We Play? A BDSM D.I.Y

We have printed 3000 copies of Edition One – copies will be available on the March 26th demonstration. 

If you can help us distribute it please let us know 

If you want to contribute to the next edition (with writing, editing or printing) send us an email on: – deadline for content is 13 April

If you want a copy of The Paper sent to you and your friends for free – then please send us your address and how many copies you’d like.

Please forward this message to interested folks and networks

In struggle, 

The Paper Editorial Collective

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