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Marx Memorial Library

Spring 2009 Lecture Series


Marx and the Environment



9th February 09: Limits to Growth in the Economy


David Leal will consider the consequences of world-wide capitalist collective labour – immensely productive but immensely energy consuming – and ask whether we are still confident that technological advances are making socialism and abundance possible.



23rd February 09: Marxism and Ecology


David McLellan will discuss whether Marxism and ecology are incompatible or whether, on the contrary, Marxism can contribute to solving the most important crisis facing our world.



9th March 09: China: Facing the Green Challenge


Jenny Clegg will discuss the challenges facing China as it sets out to achieve a greener development – challenges both at the local levels and in the international context where it finds itself engaged in a trial of strength with the US over the renewal of the Kyoto Protocol.



23rd March 09: Marx on Nature and Human Nature


Lawrence Wilde starts from the point that the young Marx considered himself to be both a humanist and a naturalist – and these positions are hugely relevant to the dilemmas facing us under late capitalism.



All lectures begin at 7pm

Admission £1, Concessions 50p


Marx Memorial Library, 37a Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DU.  Nearest tube: Farringdon. Buses: 63, 55, 243.


Tel. 020 7253 1485   email:




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