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Education Not For Sale

Education Not For Sale


Platform for Education Struggle

This is the provisional website of the School of Success. An ongoing, yet started, research project by graphic designer David Ortiz.

The platform is still in its first phase, presenting the problem of cutbacks in higher education — mainly from the situation in the Netherlands. The second phase will expanded to other countries while driving to deeper research on the consequences, alternative methodologies and future scenarios.

Meanwhile — and until the platform fully operates — the first pamphlets of the School of Success can be downloaded in PDF format or purchased the full set of pamphlets (nicely printed with a risograph) through email request.

More material coming soon.

For further information contact: or jump here.

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Volumizer Resurrection Twelve



The Volumizer was Glenn Rikowski’s AOL blog. It was started up on 29th September 2005. On 30th September 2008, AOL announced that all of its Hometown products, including its blogs and newsletters, would be closed down on 31st October 2008. Glenn’s articles, many of which were written for his students at the Volumizer, will be preserved at The Flow of Ideas. The latest articles to be included in this project are listed below:







Rikowski, G. (2008) Education As Culture Machine, 25th September, London, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2008) Notes on the Confessions of John Denham, 26th August, London, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2008) Uninspiring Towers: Higher Education Futures in the UK, 1st August, London, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2008) Outsourcing Public Services – with special reference to education, 26th July, London, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2008) Postmodern Dereliction in the Face of Neoliberal Education Policy, 27th April, London, online at:



Rikowski, G. (2008) Post-Fordism and Schools in England, 26th April, London, online at:



Glenn Rikowski

The Rikowski web site, The Flow of Ideas is at:

Education As Culture Machine



This is the title of a new article by Glenn Rikowski.


It can be viewed at the Volumizer:



The full reference and direct URL is:

Rikowski, G. (2008) Education As Culture Machine, posted to the Volumizer on 25th September:


The Rikowski website, The Flow of Ideas is at: